Farm Terrace Allotments News 7 November 2014

Jeremy Vine Show 7 Nov 2014

Jeremy Vine Show 7 November 2014.

Sara Trebar on BBC Radio 2’s The Jeremy Vine Show talking about the “Historic victory for a group of allotment holders.”

GovWatch:  Unfortunately Watford’s “Mare” Dorothy Thornhill was unavailable for comment on this occasion.  Odd as Dorothy is usually very robust about media appearances and is no shrinking violet – but a little more circumspect this time it seems.  In fact Dorothy has been keeping a much lower profile lately.  Maybe Dorothy is distancing herself from this West Watford Wealth Campus – 750 ‘dwellings’ – mega development ahead of her campaign to be Watford’s MP.  If she achieves this goal, she could end up fighting herself over such local issues.

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