Reports From The Tim Rustige Trial In Aberdeen Indicate That While Giving Her Evidence Elish Angiolini Got Some Important Facts Wrong

Elish Angiolini

Elish Angiolini

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Elish Angiolini came into Aberdeen Sheriff’s Court to defend her accusations against Tim Rustige regarding “cyber stalking”. She swore under oath that Anne Greig was mentally ill and that anyone who believes the Hollie Greig story was “crazy”.  She also went on record to say that everyone of the accused in the Hollie Greig case was interviewed.

This statement clearly undermines the police testimony given at Stonehaven Court when Robert Green was sent to prison. DC Evans clearly stated that none of the accused had ever been interviewed. To even say Anne is crazy is slanderous at best and considering that Elish Angiolini is not qualified to make such a claim makes her untrustworthy in delivering a fair and just opinion.’

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UK Column Report

Elish Angiolini LIES Exposed at the Tim Rustige trial

It seems that Ms Angiolini was given the highest post in law in Scotland and was thus promoted beyond her abilities.  The position of Lord Advocate has thus been brought into disrepute by her inability to do the job.

Scottish independence

Cameron on BP Etap Platform North Sea on 24 February 2014.

Other news from Aberdeen for 24 February 2014

Not again! 

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UPDATE – 27 February 2014

54 Timothy JOHN RUSTIGE SCS/2013-033794 AB12003563 Court 2

The Malpas Blog:  ‘I see the first rat is now finally out of the bag,  It seems what Robert Green, Timothy Rustige and to a lesser extent myself have been saying this past while is now bearing fruit.  Stuart MacFarlane is the first rotten apple to fall off the tree, the former Deputy Procurator Fiscal of Scotland during Elish Angiolini’s tenure….’

Activists are connected to The Prisoners of Conscience –

A Report on Court proceedings Day 1.

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