Francesca Martinez Has Secured A Landmark Parliamentary Debate For Disabled People

Francesca Martinez comedian with Cerebal Palsy

Francesca Martinez – a comedian with Cerebal Palsey – Pic The Guardian.

Thanks to NLAT for the link and the picture of that ‘turnout’ for it.

Mike Sivier at J4J followed the ‘WOW’ debate. 

MPs Debate WOW 27 Feb 2014

MPs debate WOW 27 February 2014.  Watch it on Parliament TV –

MS Comment:  ‘The motion for the government to commission a cumulative impact assessment has been passed – resoundingly – after the debate. Admittedly very few people attended but the result was what the 104,000 people who signed the ‘WoW’ petition wanted.’

GovWatch:  Find out if your MP abstained.  Go Go Dennis Skinner.

The action of the ConDem Cabal on this outcome will tell us if there is still democracy in the UK.  CamoFlage – we’re watching.  Richard Harrington Con MP marginal seat Watford, we’re watching.

Comment from Top Paddock:  ‘Yeah, I thought the idea of second homes was so they could attend Parliment more convieniantly and regularly? But of course not. In any other job, if someone doesn’t show up for work they are FIRED.’

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