Gid Says We Can’t Afford the Welfare State

St James Park Westminster London SW1 08/07/13

St James Park Westminster 8/7/13

We can’t afford £4 Million Bankster bonuses either but somehow the money is found.

We pay National Insurance Gid.  We are giving YOU the tax revenue and we expect that it is spent on that for which it was intended and NOT on bombing various Middle East countries mate.

Can’t afford your lunch vouchers Gid.  Not that you seem to need ’em.  If you didn’t eat for a week it might do some good.  However, I have an idea that should move those extra fat sacks around your waist.

Er Hullo NLAT.  Red Jacket?  A bit loud isn’t it?  Oh I see.  The Urban Tory Hunter Pack hasn’t been out for a hunt recently and yes they would greatly enjoy the chase.  Gid could sweat it off in a thicket and …..

The rattle of bridles; the jingle of spurs; the sound of horns; the baying of hounds; the hunter pack is ready to ride….. Oh wait Gid couldn’t get over the wall.  He’s too fat.  Not much of a chase really …..

What size bra is it Gid BB? 

Look GovWatch instead of sniping about bra sizes do the Math!

Telegraph Reader Comment:  ‘So the Welfare State is costing the Government £120 Billion.   And Mr Osborne claims that “we can no longer afford it”.
Maybe this is why he failed maths at school:

Coalition Government Wastage per year:
Estimated Cost of Tax Avoidance: £70 – £100 Billion.
Cost of the Millionaires’ Tax Break: £3 Billion
Cost of non-introduction of Mansion Tax: £2 Billion
Replacing NHS Workers with Agency Workers per year: £12 Million
Workfare: £3.7 Billion
and miscellaneous. Total per year at least £109 Billion

One-OFF Wastages of the Coalition:
Cost of recent system failure of Universal Credit: £0.5 Billion
Cost of failed Work Programme: £1.1 Billion
Welfare Reform: £1.4 Billion
Royal Mail Sale undervalued by: £6 Billion
Re-organising NHS: £3.5 Billion
High speed rail to speed up business men’s journeys: £33 Billion
Record no-value PFI Contracts: £33 Billion
Bonfire of Quangoes £0.9 Billion
and miscellaneous Total since 2010 at least £79.4 Billion
Average per year: £26.5 Billion

Ouch.  Make some room for a competent administrator at last.

TeleComment:  ‘Stop overseas aid, close all tax loopholes…….that should be enough to cover it!  PS. Isn’t George hilarious – he now states that there must be a halt to runaway house sales……..created by him with the “help to buy scheme”!
Does this government EVER think through their “knee jerk” policy making?????

TeleComment:  ‘We need to exit the EU, that would save us a huge amount both in direct payments and through becoming free of the drag on our small firms by the ever-growing complex body of unnecessary rule, legislation and edicts.’

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4 Responses to Gid Says We Can’t Afford the Welfare State

  1. patricknelson750 says:

    Reblogged this on patricknelson750.

  2. Chris says:

    The Daily Telegraph said the welfare state costs £220 billion a year since 2010.

    …Britain’s benefits bill has not fallen over the past four years and will have to be cut dramatically in the next Parliament to meet George Osborne’s plans to balance the books, an influential economic forecaster has said.
    The Institute for Fiscal Studies said although the Coalition has reduced spending on benefits by £16.7 billion, Britain’s ageing population and weak growth in wages has left the overall £220 billion bill “virtually unchanged”.
    The think tank said that the cuts under the Coalition have been a case of “evolution rather than revolution” and that the most significant cuts are “yet to come” in the next Parliament.
    It forecast that a further £21 billion worth of welfare savings will be needed in the next Parliament if cuts to government departments continue at the same rate.


    If you want to get rid of Osborne and other Tory MPs, vote different in their voting areas.

    Voting area TATTON in Cheshire

    Labour David Pinto-Duschinsky

    If you want rid of IAIN DUNCAN SMITH
    Chingford and Wood Green (London)

    Liza McKenzie
    Fellow (Professor) London School of Economics.

    If you want rid of PRIME MINISTER CAMERON
    Witney voting area

    National Health Action Clive Peedell

    if you want rid of THERESA MAY
    Voting area Maidenhead

    Class War Joe Wilcox

    If you want rid of MICHAEL GOVE

    Labour Laween Atroshi

    If you want rid of JEREMY HUNT
    Voting area SOUTH WEST SURREY

    National Health Action Louise Irvine


    If you want to get rid of NICK CLEGG, Deputy Prime Minister
    Voting area SHEFFIELD HALLAM

    Labour Oliver Coppard

    If you want rid of DR VINCE CABLE
    Voting area Twickenham

    Labour Nick Grant

    If you want rid of Tory SAJID JAVID

    Labour Tom Ebbutt

    To get rid of 11 Lib Dems altogether, Vote SNP in Scotland and the 1 Tory MP up in Scotland.

    Voter Plaid Cymru in Tory and Lib Dem seats in Wales. Reduce Tories by 8 and Lib Dems by 3.

    VOTE MEBYON KERNOW in Cornwall
    Get rid of 6 Tory and Lib Dem MPs.


    The poor vastly outnumber all other voters.

    Most people did not vote, so the big parties did not win in 2010.

    The non-voters and the poor are the same people. But beyond them are people from all income levels.

    So the poor vote, in or out of work, poor pensioners, poor disabled, is the strongest in history.

    Vote tactically. Vote different.
    Website where the parties of the poor of the left are gathered together to help you.
    You will not see them in the national press or TV news, even TUSC, the 6th biggest party.

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