HAARP Gold Coast Australia

Bascilica In Rome

Basilica in Rome – Oh my! – http://www.pbase.com/image/94192894

Rings Penetrated by Pokey Bits


Fire From Heaven

‘The Olympic symbology, corrupting our genes/people even more, and our governments of the world and the world’s entire population because of this event which exalts Zeus, Apollo, the Fire/Lightning/Storm/Sex/Fertility/Horned God.’

‘See the Beijing 2008 production at the end of the games, the final show (8 ovum, eggs, sperms, Dragon seed), sexual union of the Adversary and people is being graphically shown.’ http://www.theopenscroll.com/olympicSymbolism7.htm

Chinese in partnership with EU and Council of 10 to birth this One World Government beast of oppression where we will be the slaves or extinguished.  Better check whether you are on the Red, Blue or Green List folks. 

Flying saucer at 6 O’clock High Sir! 


Playing on that HAARP.

Olympic Hell’s Bells.  ‘Nobody’s puttin’ up a fight
I got my bell, I’m gonna take you to hell’  AC/DC – Hells Bells Lyrics | MetroLyrics


‘It is the purpose of the Bell, the invocation and the intoned words and names of infernal spirits of old.’  ‘(bells can be hexed for the purpose of opening portals, spiritual gateways, highways – to heaven, to earth, not for good spirits)’

‘They themselves, (devotees of Satan) say it involves a tone or hum of a frequency or frequencies which will cause portals to open within us, which is their goal,’


The phrase “eight bells” comes from ships bells, which rung every hour to keep track of the watches. So, after the first hour, the bell rings once, after the second hour, it rings twice, and so on. So the eight bells signal that one watch is over and the next cycle begins. ‘Eight bells’  is also slang for “over” or “finished”.

It is also related to the attempt of mutiny aboard a ship in the military. The attempt was discovered and thwarted by the signaling of the eight bells. This signal, of course, was permitted by the ship’s Captain. An indication that all is well at the end of a watch.’


‘Are we awaiting the long foretold coming of the sky-gods? Many people believe so. These Ascended Masters keep channeling and telling us they are here! Here for what purpose? Is this the “LOCUSTS” in Revelations? I do believe so!’  Drone Wars.  http://mysteryoftheiniquity.com/olympic-madness/olympic-size-hells-bells/

Armor of Righteousness

Armor of Righteousness

Time to put on that armor folks.

That’s all very well GovWatch but I can’t quite imagine Gid or Camanotalot in the role of thundering Gods somehow.  Or even helping.  Hardly built for speed and agility either of ’em and did they do Swordsmanship at school?  Imagine their wilting in suits of armor.  Mind over matter GovWatch.  In their minds they imagine they are Gods.

Gid and Camanotalot trying to squeeze their corpulence into any kind of confined corset causes no end of merriment down at the GreenHouse Watford.  That’s a BB breastplate for Gid remember.

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