Christopher Lawton Activist, Speaks Of His Frustration With This ConDem Cabal

Chris LawtonWhy Chris took part in the

‘Bonfire of Austerity’ action on 5 Nov 2013.

Chris Challenges The Telegraph over their claims that ‘there are plenty of jobs.’  Thanks to Justice4Jobseekers for the link.

J4J says –


Bruce Anderson wrote the offending article.

Please call the Telegraph on 0207 931 2000 and ask them to prove their claim that the UK is awash with jobs! We need to challenge Tory propaganda head on if we have any hope of exposing it for the scam it is!

Follow in Chris Lawton’s footsteps and challenge the Torygraph head on, and please keep us updated to your progress. Thank you’  IDS is a Dragon Slayer?  Quoi??

GovWatch: Well done Chris.  Activism – tough job but someone’s got to stand up against ’em.

Cardiff Tea Tent

Cardiff Tea Tent.

And then there’s

The Cardiff Tea Tent – Tea and Advice

This splendid Activist is supporting those who have been ‘sanctioned’ at JCP as Ian Duncan Smith and the ConDem Cabal continue to try to isolate and confuse job seekers who are on JSA.

Bonfire of Austerity Westminster Nov 5 2013 RT –

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