Tom Savage Deputy Editor Daily Star ‘Went To Cyprus’ and Found

Pornography is legal in Cyprus

21stCenturyWire’s Cyprus Twist –

Mr Savage was moving in on some ‘interesting stuff’ relating to a British Porn Film maker called

David Hamilton-Grant .  Then on

Suddenly Mr Savage was accused of making payments to individuals in order to gather news about ‘certain matters’ that the ptb are desperate to ‘keep under wraps’.

‘Two journalists arrested by detectives investigating corrupt payments to public officials have been released on bail, Scotland Yard said.

Justin Penrose, crime correspondent of the Sunday Mirror, and Tom Savage, deputy news editor of the Daily Star Sunday, were questioned on suspicion of conspiracy to corrupt and of conspiracy to cause misconduct in a public office.’

The wheels are coming off that Elite Trolley again.  That ‘Hell on Wheels Trolley’.

D Hamilton Grant The Needle

D Hamilton Grant – Pic Courtesy ‘The Needle’

Tourists told to ‘Stay Away’

Have to say ‘I Don’t like Mondays’. 

Geoffrey Dickens in 1982 handed a file to Leon Brittan about Tory Paedophilia.


Bloody Moon Vid

‘Video Distributor David Hamilton Grant arrested for distributing a video ‘Bloody Moon’ in 1981.

‘Distributor David Hamilton Grant was arrested for distributing a video release of Romano Scavolini’s NIGHTMARES IN A DAMAGED BRAIN that ran a few seconds longer than the BBFC approved cut.  Human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson represented Grant and brought in respected film critic Derek Malcolm to assess the merit NIGHTMARES IN A DAMAGED BRAIN but the judge was unsympathetic and Grant got eighteen months in prison.’

Grant was a fixture of various sensationalist newspaper articles at the time so he disappeared to Cyprus and became a ‘delicatessen owner’ but was subsequently deported from there to Turkey.’ Grant was supposed to ‘have died’ but some say that ‘this is not the case’ and that he is very much alive and well over in Turkey.

Was this what Mr Savage was investigating?  The Pornographer to the Elite living in Turkey?


HamGrant 1988.

UPDATE:  The Full Sweat at ‘InformationUnderground’ –

David Hamilton Grant listed at NoWearLand in 2011

The Age of Innocence by David Hamilton Grant

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