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Hunt’s Rose Coloured Spec View Of Asian Elderly Care Harks Back To 1990s

Jeremy Hunt like the rest of the Tories it seems, doesn’t live in the ‘real world’ and has failed to take account of the social changes that have overtaken the Asian countries.  India looks after the grannies?  Yes they did … Continue reading

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Osborne’s Chinese Take-Away

NLAT and ‘The Flock’ – Saturday Breakfast at ‘Top Paddock.’ https://www.facebook.com/nobodylikesatory Comment:  ‘Not using their Noodles.  Selling your country and Mein. Totally Crackers!’ Brilliant! ‘The UK will be agreeing to buy electricity from Hinkley Point for 35-40 years at £93 … Continue reading

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Green Party Of England and Wales Has Voted To End Fractional Reserve Banking

The Green Party of England and Wales made history by joining the US Green Party in calling for an end to the private creation of money by banks at their conference (Sept 13-16). After a debate on the motion at the … Continue reading

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