SkyWatch Reported A Tornado In Italy And Hail In Germany Recently

4 Min News July 29 2013

4 Min News July 29 2013 shows HI1.

Sunspot Activity.

Recent Sunspot Activity Analysed.

4MIN News July 29, 2013:

From ‘SuspiciousObservers

Anomaly Solved, PhilaFlood, Coronal Holes plus some European weather news as well.

Subduction zone earthquake as potential trigger of submarine hydrocarbon seepage  An explanation for ‘Climate Change’?

July 29 2013

‘NASA Spacecraft Sees Giant “Hole”

Sunshot 2013

Sunshot 2013.

In The Sun – Covering Nearly A Quarter Of The Star!’

NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin – changed their online climate data centre and there’s some increased volcanic activity around the globe.

We are two weeks from a ‘Meteor Shower’.  That’s from 27 July 2013.

Coronal Hole July 18 2013.

Coronal Hole July 18.

Intellicast is recommended for those who are weather buffs.

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