PTB Attemp To Smear Two US Truthers

Attempted Set-Up of Stewart Rhodes & Dan Johnson.  Child Porn Emails sent by an unknown group using

Tormail Used to send Incrim Files on Computer.

Tormail used to send Incriminating Files to Activists Computers.

Now we need more whistleblowers to tell us who these perps are.  NSA or maybe private enterprise not happy with these Truthers says ‘StormCloudsGathering.’

To whom do people go for justice?

Attempted set-up of Luke Rudkowski

PANDA and The Oathkeepers.

The question is are they ‘controlled opposition’ or psyoperaters.  Sounds like the way the UK Gov is going with Cameo’s flirtation with the Chinese for help with InternetControl.

  • Watch out for Tormail.
  • Watch out for pdf attachments.
  • Use filters and scan attachments.
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