Don’t be taken in by this crowd.

More than likely Controlled Oposition

The goat is a clue actually, but it is said that those who signed their petitions received SPAM.

Elites now opposing themselves.  Nice one.  Elite pun would be on the word goat/scapegoat.  Sheeple are actually goats etc.  Sheep and goats – bit of Biblical – they like that – ’25:32 And all people shalbe gathered before him: and he shal separate them one from another as a shepherde deuydeth the shepe from ye goates.’  Elite see themselves as the Shepherds and us as the ‘moronic herd’.

We however, probably see them as ‘those who have a few scruples less than Judas.’


Another site contained this info.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Avaaz Funded By Soros

Avaaz – I would say a very doubtful Organisation. Whenever I hear or see the words, Activism, Climate Change, Human Rights, linked to George Soros, who funded them, it’s not what you think it is. I sent Tap a Link relating to a rather complicated Scam Soros worked under the guise of Human Rights, some weeks ago Soros thought up. Don’t sign Avaaz. org petitions Link:- REGARDS …….. WASP

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2 Responses to Don’t be taken in by this crowd.


    Check out their latest campaign. They are wanting to start distributing news “without special interests”. A noble idea, nobody can argue that our mainstream media has that problem, but their ask seems way too far-fetched – It doesn’t take $7,000,000 to start producing digital news.

    I bet they find ways to monetize it as well.

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