The Tap

I have found a blog called ‘The Tap’ which backs up what I thought about AVAAZ. Probably funded by Soros.  Elite talk a lot in code.  I was reading yesterday about headlines being structured to include key codes such as the letters MC, the use of colours, specific numbers such as 13 people injured etc.  I am even finding mention of the use of actors to stage certain scenes for the camera.  That picture of an injured man from the 7/7 incident springs to mind.

Take another look at the picture involving AVAAZ.  If you look at the structure, you’ll see a composite animal made up of half male and half female.  The scarf is strategicly placed to form a tail.  We are that animal – not human at all.  They are laughing.  Don’t have anything to do with them.

This Pic has largely been removed from the Net, as it is fairly suspect. In addition, as he limped away with his ‘Handlers’ a neat tear up his right trouser leg could be seen. Secret handshake anyone?

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