Renewing Alliances

Cartoon from Independent 3 Jan 2011
See the one called ‘New Year’s Resolutions’
Christmas was spent getting in touch with long standing friends including those in Germany, Holland and the homeland as well. This has been a joyous time and has reinforced the view that the greatest gift is true friendship and that this should be valued above all else. There was a lot of laughter in Germany when I described the greed of some of the high social rollers in the UK. To my surprise, Robin Hood was mentioned. There was even a scheme talked about involving some tunnelling from our house to the vaults where these said riches are kept. Obviously, lots of wine drinking and hearty meals involved as well. We were also entertained by Monika and Charlie who sang French songs including Edith Piaf’s ‘Je ne Regret Rien’. Don’t under-estimate the ‘spirit’ of my generation Dave.

Then back to read in the Independent that Dave’s latest whizz is a Psychology Think Tank which will heavily emphasize ‘social norms’ in an attempt to help us accept more readily, healthy eating, voluntary work and tax gathering??? Is he not biblically informed? Tax collectors were the most hated individuals of all!!

I have an idea for him. He and every member of his Cabinet could invite a homeless person to live with them for six months and help them get back on their feet. Try that idea Dave. Lead by example not with Psychology.

By the talk in Germany, we already know what to do and don’t need any Psych Unit to tell us. Smacks of Tavistock Institute to me.

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