Cameron favours a People’s Bank but not in favour of 1 to 1 Tuition

According to my local ‘Deep Throat’, Mr Cameron has come up with the idea of a People’s Bank. I swear that man is reading my mind. However, his idea of it and my idea of it would be enormously different. I would want to by-pass the system in place altogether and provide a service akin to the co-operative idea.

I have not posted much recently because I have been finding out about a scheme which had money ring fenced by the previous government, to help children in primary Year 5 who are behind with their Literacy and Maths. Stats exist, apparently, which prove this scheme works very well. Oh well, of course, I have also found that the present government have reversed all this. I believe Gordon Brown thought of it and I can only assume that they hate him so much that they reversed the policy out of spite. I was not overly fond of Gordon but this scheme seems to be a great idea and I respect him for bringing it in.

This is the mentality of these people. C’est la vie!

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