Ruined People Ruined Culture – Roger Scruton & Post Black Pill Living

Amazing Polly
Published on 29 Apr 2019

  • BBC 10 April 2019: Academic Sir Roger Scruton sacked from housing role
    The character assassination of Roger Scruton by George Eaton was heinous but this sort of thing is being repeated on a regular basis, on purpose, by the Cabal in order to affect the rest of us negatively.
  • Brutal Media Destruction of certain members of our society affects us in a similar way that Torture affects helpless Children – in which the Cabal also engages – they know how to hurt physically & mentally. They are practiced in these ways.  They are Socio/Psycho/paths after all.  Their whole Modus Operandi is Demonic of course..
  • It suits (((them))) to have us dysfunctional – don’t fall for it.


VIDEO: Why Beauty Matters (Por que a beleza importa?) Roger Scruton:

VIDEO: The Glorious Pill:The Black Pill. The Honk Pill. Ride The Tiger in the Ruins of the West

VIDEO: Richie from Boston: #WeDoNotConsent:

Bruce Wayne
Be positive. Go to the gym. Have as many white children as you can. Get closer to your friends and relatives. Organize. Prepare. Gain support and momentum. Never give up. We’re all going to die some day anyway, so while we’re still alive, the best thing we can do is being strong and living with dignity. The degeneracy of the left will eventually make them implode. What we do in life echoes in eternity! Greetings from Argentina

Ben Shekelpiro
(((Their))) clown world is a construct built and maintained by a small group of people, which poisoned the minds of millions all around the world.

It seems powerful, but it is in fact fragile and increasingly on the verge of collapse.

David M
Ambition defeats depression! (together with diet and exercise)

Borne Stellar
Along with quitting porn, reading and abstaining from things like alcohol!

GW: Nooooo not the alcohol.  Everything in moderation chaps.  My own tip is to listen to good music live as much as possible with a bunch of mates.  Get on down to Sidmouth Folk Festival 2-9 August while you still can.

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