Ian R Crane: Absurdity & Beyond

Ian R Crane
Streamed live on 29 Apr 2019

“We live in an illusion of democracy.” – UK Patriot, Graham Moore

Caroline Baker
We left on the 29th March at 11am, the case is still on going thanks to Robin Tilbrook.

Tania Cummings
He needs donations badly. Has over 100k but anticipates need much more gives example of Gina Miller case cost over a million.

Carole Weston
How come he’s running for mep if he believes were out of the eu

Freda Rounthwaite
@Carole Weston. You have to have more than one iron in the fire and do you think for one moment the cabal will let go it’s death grip so easily? Meanwhile, he could be there telling them to their faces that they have no say over us.

The Organic Matrix

29th … 2+9=11 at 11am.
11:11…they love their numerology.
Like Armistice Day 11-11-11.

Shaun Gilmartin
The closing of pubs is analogous with the closing of the coffee houses in London in the 17/18th century as an attempt to dissolve socio/political intellectual discourse not under the control of the state

paul l
5G testing has started in Peterborough as confirmed by EE,myself and a neighbour are in touch with local councilers to try to start the ball rolling,we will be asking for a health and safety report after reading some comments

WE MUST Crowd Fund this Robin Tilbrook case. to Prove we are OUT.
AND to Fight an Appeal.

Rockwell 11
Treasonous May is cut from the same cloth as Macron Merkel Trudeau they are all globalist puppets hence all these country’s are being allowed to be taken over by immigrants.

David Barlow
There are,in fact,two court cases involving the illegal acts of our treasonous government.
The first is on the original extension to Article 50, brought by Robin Hillbrook, the second instigated by Sir Bill Cash regarding the second extension.
Both these are being financed by public support ,and could use all the help than can get .
Go to www.englishdemocrats.party.
Another act of treason will be our partaking in the EU elections.This could tie us in to the EU for another 5 years.
17.4 million of you voted out, and a couple of pounds from each of you could see democracy restored.

Rob Thomson
You are correct when article 50 came to fruition on the 29th we left as there was no vote in parliament  to revoke the document and May does not have the power to pass this over, she broke the law and should be flogged on the gates of Downing St which would deter others over ruling the people.  Also remember that the courts are now corrupt and they will do what they are told as most of the judges are blackmailed so it is more likely to be thrown out legal or not

Catherine O’Connell
JA has “Dead Man Switch”
They are frightened …….JA has them.

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2 Responses to Ian R Crane: Absurdity & Beyond

  1. Lorraine Smith says:

    AIFLtd Non Political Forensic Investigation into Voting Integrity shows Voter Fraud at the U.K. General Election 2015 and Since , by the Electoral Commission Corrupted Its Own Voting Count Model which has 3 Primary Vote Categories Missing which is not Compliant with the Electoral Commission own 2010 , A Count Model for Counting Officers nor is it Compliant with Electoral Law , thus making all MP’s UnElected and the House of Commons an UnElected House , the Electoral Commission has caused a Constitutional Crisis , Is it Treason ? How to Check Your Vote see http://www.Sleazeexpo.wordpress.com

  2. fanofootball says:

    Thanks for the comment. As you may have noticed I have been skeptical about this very subject for some time. I have wondered how a Tory MP in a 3 way marginal managed to improve his very slim majority to a walking one in 2015.

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