Brussels Bureaucrats Think ”BREXIT will die” if they prolong it long enough

The Brexit Splits Just Get Wider!

Jeff Taylor
Published on 29 Apr 2019

John Walker
May and her EU loving cronies are trying to corral the sheep back into the Brussels pen. Whilst 48% would willingly enter, 52% will not. If Brussels think we will eventually surrender to the bloc, then they have greatly misinterpreted the determination of the 17.4 million to leave, deal or no deal.

Mr Kipling
Next step is diversion. Find something bigger than Brexit to move the spotlight on to. War? Climate change? More lies? Death by inactivity? The thing is we wont forget. The British are masters of holding a grudge and serving the finishing dish COLD!

I think the political class have underestimated the rapid sweeping changes they have allowed to their population.
The public showed a great deal of resolve and patience with Brexit, the only thing holding back public unrest is Brexit hasn’t been totally revoked or blocked yet.
If that happens, they will see something completely new from their electorate and public behaviour.
They may very well bring about Enoch Powell’s predictions.

The referendum didn’t split the country, it was the Pillockticians in fraggle rock that split the NATION. What these parasites need to do is, disband ALL parties, and then reform with REMAIN Pillockticians on one side, and LEAVE politicians on the other. Then have a general election & see what happens.

Mark c
“I believe the EU has become a huge, overly costly, bureaucratic organisation fundamentally lacking in both democracy and accountability to the many millions of people who pay for it through their taxes and who are bound to live by its rules” This is a quote by one Ms. Anna Soubry back in 2011.…..the only split I can see with Soubry and many others who have made similar quotes and then gone the extreme opposite is a SPLIT PERSONALITY DISORDER.

Stephen Crampton
If it transpires that we have already left, are there

  • 1. a potential civil claims under various Torts (class action) from all those at a loss in terms of abortive time and expense incurred; pursuing EU elections; direcrly resulting from the actions and omissions of those in Westminister and Brussels ?
  • 2. If we leave soon and before the EU Parliament sits, does the fact that these candidates suspected a possibility of it all being abortive, mitigate or prevent their claim, if UK subsequently abandons its EU seats?
  • 3. Should the Conservative Party be put On Notice as to the massive costs now being incurred on the basis of the circumstances they to some extent created? I presume they called the election. Comments welcome -Thank you
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