TPTWTB Are Known For Repeating Their Performances

Sweden says look what happened in 2003 when Sweden was voting on whether to adopt the €uro.

“The attack on Lindh was carried out by “lone nut” Mijailo Mijailovic who claimed he hated politicians and was high on the hypnotic drug Flunitrazepam.

British police arrested 52-year-old “lone nut” Tommy Mair for the attack on Cox. Read More @ TAP Newswire.

Activists are getting better at analysing what makes tptwtb tick. UK Column News 21 June 2016 reports that tptwtb are now saying that ”terrorists” are changing from large scale ops such as we have seen in Syria to small scale single operator ops???? How’s that gonna work? Thousands of miles and a single operative is going to capture the lot? NWO Comedy Script Writing Service now being deployed?  Syria specialist Vanessa Beeley commented that tptwtb are projecting their own Fascist tendencies on to us?

1 September 2015

‘White Helmets’: New Breed of Mercenaries and Propagandists, Disguised as ‘Humanitarians’ in Syria

Vanessa Beeley  ”White Helmets” are linked to the suspicious AVAAZ pressure group probably funded by George Soros.

May 29, 2012

On Avaaz

”The New Republic questioned Avaaz’s role in Syria, noting that prominent Syrian activists such as Rami Jarrah are “livid” at Avaaz taking credit for things they may not have done.”

The man behind Avaaz

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