It’s Time To Plan That Veggie Patch

Top Dozen Organic Fruit and Vegetables to Grow

The greatest amount of pesticides found:

1: Peaches 2: Apples 3: Sweet Bell Peppers 4: Celery 5: Nectarines 6: Strawberries 7: Cherries 8: Lettuce 9: Grapes 10: Pears 11: Spinach 12: Potatoes

GW:  Ah the joy of being down on ‘the plot’  instead of losing it.  Checking nature’s true colours rather than that ptb “manufactured rainbow” (reality), chatting to other allotmenteers (community), checking the planting dates (earth’s natural rhythm), making hanging baskets with strawberry runners, and digging the potato patch.  Afterwards Glass of red in the shed watching the sun go down.  If you haven’t ever tried it, it’s never too late.

WBC Feathers Ruffled

WBC Feathers Ruffled  Lisa Morgan Head of Comms & Engagement Watford Borough Council.

Farm Terrace 2015 Petition to Eric Pickles to Safeguard Allotment Land –

Watford Borough Council bully media covering the Farm Terrace Campaign.

Sara Trebar wrote recently –  “The council’s response to my letter last week.  It looks like I have ruffled a few feathers! Don’t forget that you can have your say too by emailing”

Farm Terrace Facebook –

One of Farm Terrace’s supporters runs a great blog

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