UK’s Department For Overseas Development Spend Is Massive

Overseas Aid Spend

Overseas Aid Spend

Mike Robinson examines the enormous amount of money the Dept For International Development is spending.  When asked for further details by UKC they were unable to say exactly what happened to some of it.

He noted that a lot of it is going to ‘Government and Civil Society‘ or to Common Purpose Projects and some £350 Million is going on ‘admin costs’.  The British Council is probably scooping up a lot of it and don’t forget ‘Climate Change’ projects but DfID couldn’t confirm.  They don’t know in other words.  Further Info from UKC at

Mr Gerrish may be interested in the thoughts from Gorilla199 on ‘Spoken English’ in that he says that the posh accent is something that originated when aristos unable to speak French, spoke English but put on a Fake French Accent to try to fool people into thinking they were better educated than they actually were.  So the UK population never had that type of accent at the beginning.

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