Skywatchers Take To Twitter To Share Meteor Shower Experiences

Meteor Shower 11 August 2013

Meteor Shower 11 August 2013.

Huff Puff Huff Puff.  Don’t tell me.  Missed it?  Drat.  Clear skies as well?  Groan.

SkyWatch:  How to spot the ISS – the 3rd brightest object in the sky –

12 August 2013 – HuffingtonPost –

Perseids Meteor Shower In Meteoric Magnificence (PICTURES)  GovWatch:  Whereabouts is it again?  Oh there.  Right.  Swift Tuttle causes some tittle tattle.  Stoppit GovWatch.

IB Times has one taken at Stonehenge – OOer

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