England Fans praise welcome by Russian hosts


Well there you go. Seems it was not all ”doom and gloom” as Boris, May, crony newspapers et al said. I had heard only 3.000 England supporters made the trip because of all the negativity. Where’s the patriotism from the Tory Government? I mean to the English Football Team and not that shown to the US? Seems fans from all over the world who have travelled there are enjoying the hospitality and having a great time.

Yes don’t spoil it for Theresa May. She needs her Russian bogeymen to play her ”patriotism” Joker cards to cling onto power. It’s all gone rather quiet about the ”innocent Russians assassinated by the evil Putin on British soil by deadly nerve agent. (Remember? ”Even the slightest trace will kill instantaneously.”)  And meanwhile the assassins’ ”victims” are back in their favourite pub.

Pizza Face
Goodness the Russian people are nice! Perhaps the Independent might want to investigate this reality that does not match the UK Government’s or MSM’s version of Russians. Now let’s have a serious dissection of the Skripal fiasco & jail those Mi5/6 agents responsible along with the crooked politicians who sanctioned the BZ poisoning.

Same thing in the US. I would like to know who the men are who lurk in the shadows and have had the power to orchestrate another cold war through the media. they should come out. Let’s see their faces and know their names.

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Former UKIP Leader Lord Pearson claimed ”eurocrats” are willing to damage the lives of those in EU to keep the Brussels Project together.

World News Today
Published on 18 Jun 2018

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FIFA World Cup 2018: Harry Kane double secures win for England against Tunisia


GW:  Thanks to the England Team for a great effort.  Well played.

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‘Osborne Treasury said WORLD would END if voters chose BREXIT! It hasn’t!’


Anne-Marie Trevelyan: ‘I will campaign for BREXIT if EU doesn’t think about radical reform for Britain.’
A North East Tory has been urged to “think again” after it emerged she plans to campaign for the UK to leave the European Union. Anne-Marie Trevelyan, who …

GW: Ms Trevelyan also apparently said in the Daily Mail that she didn’t get into Parliament to be some ****** arm candy for David Cameron when she was asked to walk with him at a TP conference for a photo op.

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6 Reasons Why The Left Is Losing

Truth Factory
Published on 13 Jun 2018

1. Identity Politics.
2. The far right don’t want freedom.
3. The leaders on the left are a joke.
4. Political Correctness has gone too far.
5. The Media.
6. The left can’t Meme – see 4Chan. That’s why tptwtb are banning them.

This is utter gold. I feel like it sums up the essence of what is MOST wrong with the world, and has been festering for the last 10 years, maybe more. Without a doubt, the world would become a better place if everyone just sat down and shut up for 15 minutes and watched this video. I love your content – it gives me hope for the future of this planet, as few things do. Please keep it up – keep thinking, keep telling the truth, and maybe we can grow freedom and liberty, over mental and physical slavery and destruction. I would encourage anyone reading this to share this video on their social media and get it seen – it’s the least any of us can do.

Michele Barton Thomas
The left can’t meme because they are angry and hateful, take themselves too seriously and fancy themselves as intellectually superior. Most of their political comedy comes off as cringy or just lame.

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UK Column News – 18th June 2018

UK Column

  • Every year human traffickers make a profit of UKPDS 130 Billion.
  • 54% Sexual Exploitation 38% Forced Labour 8% Other (Organs?)
  • The British Government say they are at the forefront of leading the charge against it but the funding provided is only UKPDS 150 Million.
  • The referrals for modern slavery in UK are up 70% and 85% of those involved in sexual slavery are children.
  • The Marrakesh Declaration is not dealing with this i.e. the amount of organised crime & vice involved.
  • Very few people are looking at how draining Africa of skilled labour is supposed to help Africa develop.  MR: Historically we have removed raw materials fro it and not allowing it to develop and now we are removing the intellectual capital.
  • PH: Why aren’t we funding to help people stay there so that the country can develop?
  • Family Separation Policy Starts Dividing Republicans; First Lady Bush Calls it “Immoral”  PH: This was not Trump’s policy but was established under previous presidents.  The numbers are a few thousand.  These sent by their families with kyotes increased intensely under Obama.  Trying to pin this on Trump is desperate.  These are illegal immigrants after all Mike.  These children are probably not with ”parents” anyway.  There are no passports or IDs so how do we know who they are?
  • MR: People now trying to prevent Trump from meeting Putin.
  • Nomi Prins: The central banking heist has put the world at risk

Soros network that fuels the ngo network just look at italy and sweden no Media Coverage

Grey Chip
The EUSSR and our UK limp gimp leaders have no intention of stopping any immigration into the UK. They wont be happy until the UK and our culture is destroyed, but hey as long as “Royal Ascot” is fine for all the great and the good.

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Light of Life Productions
Published on Mar 6, 2018
Philip Schneider

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