PI former MI5 agent Who Exposed Podesta/Pedogate Murdered and Character Assassinated/More News

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Published on 13 Jan 2018

Kevin Halligen,– found murdered – was the detective who, along with ex-spy Henri Exton, produced the two suspect e-fits that many thought looked very similar to John and Tony Podesta’https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2337405

Actual Footage of Kevin Halligen Speaking
Latinea Channel
Published on 29 Oct 2017

Abc123 Xoxo
There is a secret investigation going on. All files and indictments are held by the judge Top Secret. And all these people will be brought to Guantanamo Bay and put in a military court. Bush, Clinton, Podesta …….. and everyone else involved. Justice will come soon. We saw the documents.

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Tory minister called a liar as she repeatedly denies government wants to privatise the NHS

‘Margot James, who represented the government on Question Time, insisted the Tories fully support the NHS and have put more money into the health service”

There were shouts of “liar” from the audience as the Tory minister tried to defend herself.


Pary Moppins
I tried to watch this programme last night but that sneering know it all Hollywood Luvvie Dustin Lance Black, made me want to vomit.
As for this woman lying, she is a politician after all..

They already sold a huge chunk back in may 2015 Remember this story folks
>NHS sell-out: Tories sign largest privatisation deal in history worth £780MILLION< they have been taken the NHS apart brick by brick the moment Labour put it together in 1948, do your history homework! ANY THING that has been PUBLICLY OWNED has been run down and sold off by the Tories THIS is a fact like it or not.

Nothing complicated about all of this. When Labour were in Govt. NHS demand grew by 4% a year, as did funding. Under the Tories NHS demand has also grown by 4% a year but funding has only grown by 1% a year. Every year the gap grows by 3% per year. As the Tories have been in for 7 years this means a gap of 21%, but they simply blame the growth in demand on the elderly! I blame the 75% reduction in increased funding levels myself, as it gets worse by 3% a year! They always talk about putting more money in than ever before which hides the fact that they have simply cut the rate of spending.

Mick Shaw
£1 billion of contracts given to Virgin care who later sued our NHS for not getting a contract, and she claims they are not privatising it, the NHS will be a two tier system the haves and the have-nots, those who can afford insurance will be seen through Virgin Care quickly those who can not will have a long wait, get the Tories OUT save our NHS .

Of course they want it privatised.  Why do people keep doubting this?

If you are going to vote Tory, understand their ideology, they believe in ‘small government’ and low taxes. This means leaving everything to the private sector for profit: health, housing, transport etc. You survive or starve.

They justify it by saying record amounts of money goes into these public services, but they’re not working.

However, it’s a deception.

Tory neoliberal market reforms since 1979 have increased private companies, contractors etc. in every public service. Tax payers’ money increases, but gets lost in fees, bonuses and contracts, so the private investors get richer at our expense by billions of pounds and the services get progressively worse and incapable of delivering.

The thing is, private companies are not compatible with state provided services. One exists for profit. The other is a service for people, it can only be provided by us all paying into a system to fund it.

We all need to pay our taxes, willingly, to get what we want, or the Tories will take it all away from us, we need a Labour government.

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Dave Brown – History Repeating Itself As Farce

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The Bill Murray is hidden down a quiet backstreet, with no passing trade, yet tonight the place is packed.

Comedian Barry Fern and his friends transformed a backstreet pub into a comedy club called The Bill Murray

”Barry and his friends decided to call their pub The Bill Murray, after the star of Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters, because they liked his quirky approach to comedy. They wrote to him to seek his blessing but he never replied, so the pub is officially named after William Murray, First Earl of Dysart (1600-1655), official whipping boy of the future Charles I, who was punished by proxy with a ferocious beating whenever Prince Charles misbehaved. This absurd ambiguity makes it an ideal name for this idiosyncratic club.”

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Ponte City: How Johannesburg’s Notorious Block Cleaned Up Its Act

”Glancing round the modern apartment high above the streets of downtown Johannesburg, it’s hard to believe we’re in one of the most notorious buildings in South Africa. The walls are painted in understated neutral tones, the furniture tasteful, the room airy. But it wasn’t that long ago that these same walls contained criminals and gangsters.

A 54-storey cylindrical skyscraper dominating the area around it, Ponte City was built in 1975 in the Hillbrow district. It was upmarket housing, originally – it’s tall doughnut-like appearance (it’s hollow inside) was a draw, and its hollow core, telescoping up to the blue sky, would feature in architecture and design shoots aplenty.” http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/africa/ponte-city-tours-johannesburg-how-to-visit-is-it-safe-dlala-nje-hillbrow-maboneng-a8161971.html

Not Only Cars – Buildings Are Equally Hijacked In South Africa

”A group identified as the Mzansi Progressive Movement aligned with the South African Communist Party have successfully hijacked a number of buildings.” https://buzzsouthafrica.com/not-only-cars-buildings-are-equally-hijacked-in-south-africa/

Mayor Herman Mashaba Returns Three Hijacked Joburg Buildings to Rightful Owners

”The properties were hijacked in 2016 and the owners were denied access.

“After months of trying to evict the hijackers and their tenants without success, the owners approached GFIS in August 2017 for assistance,” Mashaba said.” http://allafrica.com/stories/201711210955.html

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‘Hundreds NOT thousands’ Deutsche Bank massively scales back on Brexit doom predictiction


Unless the fanatically pro-EU German govenment gets involved. DB has been near bankrupt for years, and can’t afford to alienate the government it may require to bail it out one day.

GW: Deutsche Bank? Douche Bank more like.

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TeasMade & The Klingons


There’s the name of the group.  Now for the Album.

260 child “refugees” x at approx 60k /year = £15.6 million. Then x years till 18 years old.
i thought according to Corbyn we had mass child poverty in UK already. Plus lack of foster parents.

If there has come just one positive out of this meeting its the fact that every Remainer now knows for sure that its people like Barnier that are running EU countries.

Any “LONE” child must NOT be allowed to claim their right to have dozens of relatives imported. Every effort must be made first to confirm the child is “lone” without any relatives.

Accepting more ” child” migrants will just encourage more to head for these camps and wait for their turn. France let them into the country, the problem belongs to the French surely. I have just been watching the local news on TV showing homeless living in tents in this area, I don’t hear of May accepting these people need help.

Gordon Webster – > Linc’s Owl
Very very few of them are children, you do realise that, don’t you? And Saudi has a 5,000 Tented Village for these Children and their families, where they can live according to their culture and religion. That Tented Village remains empty to this day. So why the British Taxpayer, and why Britain?

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