The Transfer Agreement – Part iii

Swash Bucklin
The Holocaust is Zionist propaganda not Jewish as true Jews do not want the state of Israel. Adolf was given money by the Zionist Banksters to make Germany Great again. Adolf didn’t know the true total expense of this plan, he also didn’t know that the Zionists with which he had dealt would take further advantage of Germany after his death by creating a story about genocide that would be used to assist their un Godly acquisition of Palestine to create the anti God state of Israel. Zionists then committed genocide, continued to terrorize the Middle East and created wars that the Zionist Banksters would use to enslave the Americans.

phok jew (edited)
This corresponds with my Aunt’s version of what went on in Germany during WW2 and she was a little German girl in Berlin when the bombs fell. She explained everything to me. How the Nazi’s were AshkeNAZI Jews and Hitler was an AshkeNAZI Jew who saved the German/Jewish people from Allied bombing runs that were set to take place to wipe out the German people not Military, no your average citizen was being targeted for genocide. She warned that everything I read or was to be taught in school would be a lie! Jew Propaganda as she put it. Everything they did was to get the Zionists Palestine in order to Co-opt Biblical Prophecy! Now you see all of the hate for Israel and you want to know why they are creating it? Why the self hating Jew? Because according to The Bible, Israel will be destroyed before the time of the gentiles is over and the messiah will come! This will all be the biggest PsyOp those Jews will ever pull off in human history! I wonder how many will fall for it….just remember the radio and war of the worlds, they had people in basements hiding from an alien invasion! now they have even more effective devices and methods with the internet and social engineering programs like YouTube and Facebook. Unless people wake up the population will remain in the control of these maniacs!

Brad Erwin
The media said that 6 million Jews were exterminated, so it must be true. However there is no documentation that any Jews was ever exterminated. Thousands of them died from Typhus in Auschwitz, but none were ever murdered. The only reason they were ever even in those camps were because they had declared war on Germany.

See the newspaper headlines.

Hitler was in the process of sending them all to Palestine when WWII broke out. He never had any intention of killing them. The holocaust was a lie created by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin…who by the way, were all three Jewish. Research this and you will find that Hitler was a devout Christian. Loved kids. Hated dirty or racist jokes. Hated cruelty to animals. Rebuilt Germany from the poverty and ruins of WW1 into the richest, most technologically advanced country in the world in about 5 years. No leader in history ever accomplished what he did.

There’s no such thing as a Jew, there’s only the Ashkenazi fake Jew that wanna hide their history behind the name of Jew when they began hiding behind Judaism and Christianity historically but have that Persian magic Kabbalah n Talmud.

mrsbrown andhercat
All you need to know, from the most respected Jewish source.

The 1933 Haavara agreement is a strong argument against the Holocaust.
It proves Hitler never had any intention of mass murdering the Jews, only to relocate them. This fits perfectly into the Nazi program of expelling Jews from Europe without killing them. It doesn’t make Hitler a zionist, it makes him a humanitarian national socialist. It is the Soviet propaganda machine that put the Holocaust label upon Nazi Germany.  But the Bolsheviks were of ”the tribe” as well.

Silvio Trindade Costa
I just have to say that everybody is looking the direction the Vatican
wants. Who created the Inquisition to impose the love of Jesus and Mary,
on and on and on, and still prevail today with their incrimination
maneuvers? Dig about Jean Monet (jesuit) and Albert Pike (Scottish rite
freemasonry) and you’ll verify that all roads lead to rome where’s all
the wealth robbed from the world through their evangelical history, you’re
mistaken following the money. Want more? Google “vatican mummies” and
check the images.

Vatican mummies are FAKES: Bones inside two of the collection’s ‘ancient’ Egyptian caskets date back to the Middle Ages

There was a mix of male and female bones, as well as various body parts, including an adult tibia and fibula (shown in right scan), foot bones and a vertebrae (shown left). A ‘modern nail’ was also found in the contents

jackie moon
Hitler was either complicit or unaware he was being used. Nazism was the mother of Israel as we know it today, without Nazism the state of Israel would not exist. Cold hard fact.

Matthew Austin
Published on Jul 17, 2017
Taken from “Toddler Tunes.”

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The Transfer Agreement – Part ii

The Haavara Agreement does not mean the Nazis were ever Zionists Hulton/Getty

Judah Ben Yasharahla
News Flash!… Hitler was a Rothchild, I think that says enough! WWI was created by the Roman fake Jews to get the state of Israel by stealing it with the Balfour document from England and WWII was created by the same Roman fake Jews to create the United Nations to head into the direction of the New (Old) World Order. It’s all about power and control. According to the Holy scriptures in the Bible… he who controls Israel, controls the world. Edom and Jacob are the last empires on the planet. Edom under Satan rules at the moment. Jacob a.k.a. Israel (these are the black slaves in America, the Latino’s and the Native Americans) will be the last and everlasting empire under king Yashaya a.k.a. Jesus. It’s the spiritual war between Esau (Edom) and Jacob (Israel)!

Pkp Kaaotiq (edited)
Hitler was a Rothschild, a bastard son of the Rothschild elite banking family. You are only a hand full of the 7 billion Humans on this planet to know, believe and tell the truth to the world.
Thank you brother 🙂

God bless 🙂

Judah Ben Yasharahla
No TnX! Bless You,.. for your eyes and ears are open! Share it with the world, it’s part of the Battle of the Most High against the fallen angels and their helpers! We’re gonna win this one, it’s written in the holy scriptures, the Bible!

Kim Collier
From what I have gathered the banking cabal has sponsored both sides of every war. It seems reasonable that the goals they set back in the early 1900’s or earlier with their foundations were very effective. The Bilderbergers I’m thinking are the true power behind everything. Bigger than every other agency CFR, United Nations, American joke of a fake government. The top people in power are always in the shadow. They control every single thing that makes the rest of our reality. They know it. We ( not the fat lazy sheeple ), all know this. We are now in the darkest times in all of history. They have used our money to lie to us and keep us in complete darkness up to this point. Julian ASSAUNGE would not have left his cat. Period. WIKILEAKS is compromised, any whistle blower that attempts to enlighten the world through WIKILEAKS will sign his or her own death warrant. They found a back door into the encrusted system WIKILEAKS used. I’m under the impression Trump is not who he represented himself to be even if he had been – which now seems not the case, the tiny % of people running this whole world would never have let him successfully drain a swamp of corruption. Period. I am at a loss on who or what will be able to stop this satanic spirit cooking pedophilic corrupt cabal. It is so much bigger and goes back back back to only God and the Devil could say for sure at this point. Pretty sure we as a humanity will find out soon though. Better buckle down people, pretty sure it’s going to be a rough ride.

Mimi Miani
What a Bunch of BS!!! Hitler was a zionist jew agent but that was not the reason they put him in power. The Goal was much much bigger and more complex and mostly the result was felt in europe and the transfer of wealth – which they have done again and again…..

GW:  That ”Transfer Agreement” was well named then!

Izabel Eakapu

Hitler and Zionism: Why the Haavara Agreement (1933 Transfer Agreement) does not mean the Nazis were Zionists

Izabel Eakapu
hitler’s ha’avara =transfer agreement was in response to the economic boycott of germany by the jews in 1933. the boycott was an economic disaster for germany and in order to keep the economy going, hitler geniously participated in the transfer agreement, by which money owned by jews was transfered to israel and israel had to buy goods from germany in exchange.

Tobias Reiner (edited)
“I told him he’s not my son anymore”
“Because, being a Jew, I didn’t want something to UNCOVER my own people.”

If that doesn’t show the Mafia-like nature of the Jewish people, I don’t know what does.

Michal Evenari
Solche Idioten! Natürlich. Und die Königin von England ist Rumpelstilzchen…

GW:  Why How dare you say it!

 Miki SubRog
Nope if you listen Hitler’s speeches you can see that he is talking about the zionist and what they are doing from the shadow, how they were promoting inmoral stuff to the people, how they are trying to turn race, religion, etc against each other, btw what Hitler was talking about is exactly what is happening again today. That’s one of the ways to realize that Hitler was the good guy.

Vanoss Lokos
if holocaust was real, anybody could have access to the historic documents about gaz chambers .. just try to ask for it and you’ll find your ass in jail for antisemitism.  And the irony of this is that the group ”semite” refers to mostly Mid Eastern Arabic Peoples.

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“The Transfer Agreement”: Hitler was a zionist agent working to create Israel.

Published on Jan 9, 2016
AshkeNAZI, got it?

The Truth Is The Truth
FFS… I used to be a huge fan of your videos man but this is just Alex Jones-level fake conspiracy crap. Hitler was NOT a agent of Zionism for sure. Put a Rothschild in prison, freed German media, politics, culture etc from Jews. Then world Jewry (Capitalism and Communism) combined to crush and punish Germany for kicking the Jews out. Yes, the transfer agreement did happen. There were even Jews fighting for Hitler. But only when the Jews lied about their sufferings during ww2 (Holohoax) did they get Palestine for “compensation”, making one of their goals come true…

There are jews and there are zionists. Zionists do not care for Jews, they are the black stain. They work in the shadows, Hitler may as well of been an agent to create Israel. Truth is always stranger than fiction. Sheep stay asleep, trolls and disinformation agents go sod off.

Fnord Fnordington (edited)
You can tell you’re on the right track when all the trolls come out to attack you! And it’s always to do with the jews and the zionists!

Hitler played the world like a typical two-faced Rothschild that he was: play both sides of the war so that you get what you want no matter what happens, and the people lose money no matter what they do.

claes middel
Hi!, I knew this before, but most ppl. are so mindcontrolled by the media, about this holocoast(holoHoax), It was mostly german civil ppl. they found starving to death, they were brought to big concentration camps, by the allied forces.

Now they are doing the same again, but in another way, they are emptying the middeleast of muslims(it has only started, and bring them up to Europe and to Usa/Canada (Australia will be next).  This will increase the muslim-jewish conflict in Europe, so they will move even more jews to Israel, so they can populate “the greater Israel Project” (it’s a big piece of land, and they need more educated and wealthy ppl. to defend this GIP.

Israel’s PM said after the Paris attack (staged by them of course), that all French and other jews are welcome in Israel, and many are already on the move!

All this is easy to see, if you have eyes to see with!
Keep up the good work

Fist of Yahweh
Not another god damn hit piece on Hitler.. Isn’t the Hitler Channel er I mean the History Channel doing enough with this anti-Hitler and Anti-Nazi propaganda?!? Hitler was NOT a Zionist agent.. You’re using the usual bullshit that Jews use.. If they can’t defeat an enemy, they will claim them as their own..

LOL he didn’t care about Isreal. He wanted Jews out of his country for a greater Germany. They were responsible for many bank crashes in Germany, they held 50% of their media and responsible for America coming into the first world war, falling into the Treaty of Versailles that caused World War 2 in the first place.

Vertigo Studios
Rothschilds, Balfour Declaration, Hitler Haavara Agreement. Palestine. Research those on youtube since there’s videos now uploaded that were thought to be destroyed… You’ll soon realize Hitler was another Trump and Putin.. A guy whom the people loved but were tricked by their great speeches .. who were proud to support their leaders..who packed stadiums.. and who were all in bad economic situations at the time they rose to power. All of them were put into power with money from the Jewish oligarchs.. That’s why Trump uniting with Putin is the second step to the NWO.. first step was to dissolve the EU and the Euro.. once that’s finished.. say hello to your life as a fulltime slave with no rights and freedom.. right now you’re just part-time. Don’t believe me.. just think about this then. U.S. /Obama-Trump pledge allegiance to Israel. Russia and Iran are allies. Israel as everyone knows wants to nuke Iran off the face of the planet… Putin/Russia want to unite with U.S. who is allies with Israel and enemies with Iran.. so either Trump is going to turn his back on Israel (unlikely) or Putin is going to turn on the world and show his true allegiance to Israel and help attack Iran. No matter what happens.. the biggest loser in this scenario is the people since we are the ones who are on the battlefield dying. Now if you look at WW2.. it was the same plan. Get a world war going where Christians murder other Christians, (over 40 million Christians dead) and the jews can take Palestine. They’re killing two birds with one stone today.. getting Christians (the jew’s enemy) to fight muslims (the jew’s enemy).. when we Christians should be fighting the jews.. the muslims are our true allies in this holy war.. after all.. Muslims believe in jesus christ.. the jews.. do not! So you see.. keep hating on muslims like brainless zombies.. what you’ve been told about muslims is not true. Those videos you saw of them cutting heads off.. Hollywood studio.. just like the holocaust pics and videos.. I have proof.. the videos are here on youtube showing they were done by Hollywood producers.  Like the Moon Landing?

S. Bee
The watershed moment is coming as presaged by this softball cleverly edited media news byte of yesteryear that the ever embellished myths of victimhood were hoaxed. And the organizations behind this and subsequent scheming may one day yet again after this current election come tumbling out of the shadows and be faced with their chicanery and expelled. Keep a suitcase packed!

KA Persona
You have history to catch up on it seems with this repeated jew attack. its old news ! this channel needs to wisen up to the latest update on the reality of history.

Mentioning jews is like mentioning a proxy.A front man set up. A business man running a dirty business for another group.

More like a 2012 video. Everyone knows the zionists are paid off by banks operating on bonds and those guys are just insane and don’t claim any kind of religion etc.  You also seem to be ignorant to the swiss connection with mr hitler

YOUTUBE: THE PHARAOH SHOW for a little information about that swiss aspect.  enough said

Operation Agatha
I know all about the Transfer Agreement and the 51 Documents proving all of this but the pic of the star of David on Hitler’s arm is obviously photoshopped!

I wish people wouldn’t post shit like this because it makes people who tell the truth about these Zionist hypocrisies look like propagandists too!

I searched EVERYWHERE on line and can NOT find a pic of Hitler wearing the star of David!  This is ridiculous!

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In new vid, Israeli minister promotes Gaza island plan

”Animated clip with English narration shows Yisrael Katz’s vision for artificial island with suggested port, cargo terminal and airport.

Israeli Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) released a video on Wednesday promoting his vision for building an artificial island off the coast of the Gaza Strip to provide for the Palestinian enclave’s economic needs while maintaining Israel’s security.

A screenshot from the Gaza Artificial Island Initiative released June 28, 2017 by the Intelligence Ministry headed by Yisrael Katz.

The island, proposed at some 534 hectares (1,320 acres) and at a cost of approximately $5 billion over several years, would include infrastructure to provide Gaza with essential services it currently lacks, including desalination facilities for clean water and an electricity plant, a freight harbor and an area for container storage, which Katz says will help open the Gazan economy to the outside world and a bridge would connect it to Gaza, with one portion acting as a drawbridge. An airport could be considered at a later stage.”

Is Israel is building its own Guantanamo island and wants YOU to pay for it?


Published on Jun 29, 2017
The goyim know! Bury it!

Pringle Peddler
I saw no train access to that port. Not very efficient for a shipping port.

Leviathan Oil Field. It will be a port.

It is TIME for everyone to stop funding the FEDERAL governments everywhere … and stop paying taxes to these CRIMINAL entities … all governments are under the control of the Zionists & their collaborators with their FIAT CURRENCY which is their GOD and CORRUPTER! Without it … they are NOTHING!

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Remarkable bodycam footage shows hero police dog track down fleeing criminal as he hid in woodland

”Officers from Hertfordshire Constabulary attempted to get Elroy Samuel, of Boscombe Court, Letchworth GC, to stop while he was driving along the A507 in Baldock in a black convertible BMW.

He refused and carried on driving along the road before he crashed the car into a silver Nissan on Norton Mill Lane, just north of Baldock.”

Police Dog ”Blue” chased Samuel for nearly an hour and covered two miles before discovering him in the undergrowth, the Hertfordshire Mercury reports.”

PD Blue followed Samuel’s scent for nearly an hour until he found him –

GW:  Well done PD Blue.  

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Bank workers jailed for part in huge fraud that netted millions from rich Lloyds TSB customers

Lloyds worker Courtney Ayinbode outside court – sentenced to five years

”Bank workers Courtney Ayinbode, 29, Tajinder Galsinh, 35, Molly Jones, 24, and Benjamin Omoregie, 26, were all involved in the “high-level and sophisticated” scam .

The insiders scoured the computer system for dormant accounts holding large sums of money and passed on the details.

Molly Jones Jones set up a CHAPS payment of £486,000 – supposedly for a house purchase – after an imposter came into her branch of LloydsTSB – jailed for five years.

They also ordered new bank cards and altered phone numbers and addresses so that imposters could pose as the customers and set up transfers of hundreds of thousands of pounds at a time.

The money was then laundered through a series of bogus companies before being moved offshore to prevent it being recovered.

One victim lost more than £750,000 after a unknown man used a fake driving licence in his name to set up two transfers over three days.

Another customer with £3million in the bank only escaped becoming a victim when another member of staff became suspicious and rang him up to check.

Parvez Hussain helped set up a network of fake companies and accounts to launder the money – jailed for six years.

The money was washed by “bespoke money launderer” Eddie Lakes, 41, and his henchman Kushveer Raulia, 25, through a complicated network of fake companies and accounts with the help of Parvez Hussain, 50.”

”The first victim lost £750,975 in the space of three days after his account was accessed by both Ayinbode and Omoregie at the Balham and Streatham branches of Lloyds TSB in south west London in July 2013.

The money was laundered through dozens of bogus companies operated by Raulia.

Raulia Kushveer was the front man of the group – jailed for seven years.

The network of phoney businesses had been set up by Lakes – who has previous convictions for providing a ‘bespoke money laundering service’ to criminals.

He recruited Raulia as his front man.”

Ayinbode, Jones, Omoreji and Galsinh were jailed for a total of 22 years.”

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