YouTube user who taught pet dog to make Nazi salutes is fined £800

When are writers and actors of Father Ted going to be prosecuted? These lefties have no sense of humour and to be taken to court under the communications act what the hell is that they have to prosecute under obscure laws.

Remember Teresa May said she was proud of our FREEDOM OF SPEECH LAWS, well so much for our alleged FREEDOM OF SPEECH LAWS. The Criminals in Uniforms (POLICE) spent all this time on investigating this alleged OFFENCE. The Procurator Fiscal spent all this time on this alleged OFFENCE. Then the Sheriff that heard this alleged OFFENCE are all part of the CRIMINAL JOKE SYSTEM. (Criminal Justice System) Why is it that the Jews have a Anti-Semite law to protect them, why do they feel so inept that they need laws to protect them, no other Nationality has laws like this, all this Gutter Press coverage of the Labour Party alleged Anti-Semite GARBAGE. So if someone is Anti-Semite why can they not be allowed to be Anti-Semite. This case should have been thrown out of Court, I have a friend that has a Video Recording on a Nutter Threatening to kill him, a witness to the incident and the Criminals in Uniforms refuse to do anything, but obviously the Criminals in Uniforms have to jump when the local RABBI reported this INCIDENT. Scotland and its Criminal Joke System is becoming a JOKE.

SpaceAndTime Edited
The courts are acting like Stalin’s commie Russia! This is not Democracy and free speech! Mark did nothing wrong!

GW:  JubeTube is on its way out anyway.  There are now many very good alternatives which you should take a look at.

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Someone should tell Ms Middleton that you don’t hold a new born with one hand

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UK Column News 23 April 2018

UK Column

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WoW @ Spreaker: Councils, Cops and Artificial Intelligence

Windows On The World
22 April 2018

Mark Steele is @ Mark Anthony.

  • Windows On The World did a show about hundreds of books being banned from Amazon including Jim Fetzer’s on on Sandy Hook.  And book shops are closing.  Then UTube gave WoW a strike for pointing that out?  Hullo NWO has another ”book burning”?
  • James Fetzer’s Stunning ‘Nobody Died At Sandy Hook’
  • 16 June 2018 WoW Event in a Glastonbury Pub?  Nice one.  Signed.
  • Perhaps it’s time for a Counter Revolution to push back these groups set up to demonise businesses they see as non-PC such as Stop The Hate. 
  • Nefarious changes are going on ”behind the scenes” so that the ”normies” won’t notice.  This is where the AM can be of service.
  • Data-Mining Company was working with a Council to find out what third party mail was going to particular addresses.  This is not the only example of ”third party” companies involved with councils.  There’s quite a network of them.  Mr Windows gained a small victory by cutting this Data Mining Co out of the chain.
  • Newlyn Bailiff Co name was mentioned.
  • SMMS – They Are Watching – Can be used to ”control” an area via ”potential problems areas” such as any animal/insect/air-borne toxin issues.  False Flag Chem attack – these people will then be able to map the whole thing.  ESRI helps control the crowds for marches.
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Standard Hotel, Adam Schiff, Helicopter Crash

Sandra Proude
Published on 1 Feb 2018

ADAM SCHIFF tied to a PEDO RING and the Standard Hotel connection – FEB 03 2018

Q Anon posts have suggested that Adam Schiff had some relation to the Helicopter that Crashed into a residential neighborhood. The victims were related to Standard Hotel….

Alan Malcheski
i am quite sure that yoko is in the club. She runs two non profits. she’s bigger than anyone realizes i think.

B Saver
Schiff’s sister was married to Soros’ son…………unbelievable but true.

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Brexit: Would a No deal be ‘disastrous’ for food and drinks industry?

Certainly not.

Rachel Reeves, the Labour MP who chairs the committee, said: “The success of the industry has been highly dependent on participating in the single market and customs union.

Why? We will still have to eat & drink. The food suppliers that can continue to provide the right goods at the right price will make a profit. The ones that hold their hands up in horror & refuse to adapt will fail. The UK voted to leave the EU in the full knowledge that the types & ranges of food that would be available at affordable prices would be much more limited that at present. The days of Prosecco, French cheeses & Belgian beers are over.

I shall drink UK beer, Australian sparkling wine & eat UK blue cheese on Jacobs Crackers. I don’t see the problem.

GW: Yes Buzz make that a pint of HobGoblin for me with my Haddock & Chips. I’ve Haddock it up to here with those Bullying Brussels Bureaucrats. 


Don’t worry folks out here in Hertfordshire we can still show you all a good time with local produce.  BTW Gideon????? Yes GW?  Remind me to take a trip to Apple Cottage before Matilda Rose arrives will you.  We will need something to go with the stuffed trout.  Right you are GW.  A trip there early May might do. Btw GW how far has Matilda Rose got? Well Gideon a couple of days ago she was sitting high up a hill in a cafe in Santorini. All right for some isn’t it Gideon. It surely is GW – wish I was there.

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Treason May – ”We’ll Be Watching You”

Published on 8 Apr 2016

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