Jersey Royal potatoes with wild garlic and slow cooked tomatoes

Calling all allotmenteers – the potatoes are chitting and the leek seeds are out in rows.  Tomato seedlings are now a couple of inches high. Not long to go now.

To those who are thinking of getting an allotment – do it.  There is nothing so joyous as being down on the plot and communing with nature and with other allotmenteers.

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Anger at key rail franchise award to Anglo-Chinese consortium

New operator takes over during massive summer rebuilding project at London Waterloo

The current holder of the South Western rail franchise, Stagecoach, has demanded “detailed feedback” from the Department for Transport about why it lost out to an Anglo-Hong Kong consortium to run the network from Britain’s busiest railway station, London Waterloo.

And the assert stripping continues…taking back control indeed!

Straightforward one this – the Tories are desperate for any crumbs the Chinese can throw us, what with the desperation to make Brexit look like a success, so they’re selling everything they can to the Chinese to build favour with them. State ownership of public services is fine, as long as it’s not the state which needs the services, and there’s the opportunity for bungs and profits to be off-shored.
Criminals and traitors, the lot of them.

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‘Someone is protecting Madeleine McCann’s kidnappers’ claims cop who spent years hunting her

What about the P-o-d-e-s-t-a Brothers who were staying at Clement Freud’s villa about 15 minutes away from where Maddie was and then that creepy INVITATION TO the McCanns from Freud to join him at his villa for lunch?

Revealed: Police launch probe into what Clement Freud knew about Maddie as we uncover new details about ex-MP’s disturbing relationship with the McCanns

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Bill Schnoebelen – Interview with an Ex-Vampire 1 of 9

Uploaded on Mar 13, 2011

Don’t go anywhere near Alistair Crowley’s books.  He speaks about the Demons he conjured and other strange ”happenings” during his time as an occultist.

Daniel Trujillo
The devil will always try to falsify what God tries to reveal to us... Everyone tries to prove him wrong same with Dr. Brown, Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera, Hershel even John Todd, murdered by the illuminati, are being called fraudsters and liars. If you think your some kind of intellect, then you’d be smart to realize that if numerous people are coming up with the sort of testimonies then surely something will be real. Even to this day people try to falsify Jesus that he was a homo, or some crazy man… See the devil will always plant doubt into your mind. He does not want you to come in contact with God.
Praise Jesus Christ

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‘Marine Le Pen could WIN French election’, Goldman Sachs tells investors

A LEADING Goldman Sachs strategist has told investors to be wary of polls ahead of the French election amid suggestions that Front National leader Marine Le Pen could become the country’s next president.

78% of those polled think Le Pen will win.

Big Ming
Blankfein trying to frighten the French into submission.Another one who should be in prison following the great crash. He could share a cell with Fred Goodwin.

The globalist elite must be quaking in their boots and especially the banks. How will Goldman Sachs and others get their interest payments from Greece, Spain etc if France along with the UK are no longer there to bail them out. Reports that the UK has paid the EU 500 billion tells its own story, and the scum want another 50 billion when we leave. If there is any justice in this world Le Pen will win by a landslide.

My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

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Relic of a cruel era: Inside the eerie abandoned hospital where child patients were abused by staff and Russell Crowe’s hit A Beautiful Mind was filmed

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Britain’s ‘blood cannabis’ shame

MARCH 20, 2017

”A 16-year-old Vietnamese boy, as yet unidentified, was found cowering in a bush next to a freezing roadside in Scotland in the middle of January. The boy, who told police he had escaped from people smugglers by jumping out of a truck and then running for an hour across countryside in West Dunbartonshire, just to west of the city of Glasgow, said he was originally kidnapped in Vietnam and then trafficked to Russia and on into Europe.

On Christmas day, the dead body of a young Vietnamese man was found in a municipal park on the fringes of the English city of Derby. Police say the man – who they believe was publicly known as Han Lam but was actually a 17-year-old called Trung Thanh Hoang – may have died in a different place to where his body was found and say the death remains unexplained. A pathologist said high level of drugs were in his system at the time of his death.

Again in December, at a Coroners Court inquest into the death of another Vietnamese man, Minh Duc Hoang who may also be known as Tinh Van Tran, police reported how his body had been “dumped” on the side of a Welsh mountain and reeked of cannabis when it was found. A pathologist said he may have been electrocuted.”

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