Patton Assassination — MyServicePride INTV w Tim Wilcox

Bob Massie
Published on Oct 2, 2015

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The TRUTH behind the Corbyn smear campaign (Alistair Campbell)

Ste Matthew Murray

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‘He could have queued up!’ Anger as Cameron ‘caught pushing in’ for socks at JD Sports

“I don’t know why he deserves such special treatment now he’s no longer Prime Minister, he just jumps to the front of the queue.

“Surely he could have queued up like the rest of us.”

Mr Cameron – who is understood to have size 11 feet – made the visit to JD Sports around noon on Saturday.

Big J
As the old female saying goes “If a man is nice to you but rude to the waiter he isn’t a nice person.”

Unfortunately he is not a true Conservative. He is a Bullingdon boy and an Etonian – put together = clueless and out of touch.

GW:  Well he did some time as a ”ship jumper” for Jardine Shipping Agencies so ”queue jumper” is the next step on the ladder?

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Smoke’n Mirrors: Ariana Grande, Manchester: Incredible Tales

Smoke’n Mirrors
Published on May 24, 2017
THX to Robbo max as always!!

Elissa Hawke
What’s that Skip???  Very funny.

Irene Davo
Why did Police let woman take fifty children! Surely Police in charge of evacuation and name taking

So the name ” Parker ” is being used over here now, (sums to 33) it must be a popular name in crisis acting , They used the name Robbie parker ( not his real name ) in the USA school shooting hoax . Who by the way was used in another Drill years before .

zezt zezter
2:22 DIG THIS this Chris parker whose said to be 33? I just checked his name at the gematrinator, and guess what. BOTH his first name and last give up 33!!
Chris = 33 (reverse reduction) Parker = 33 (single reduction and full reduction). well, whaddyaknow!

nice vid… i’ve broken my femur  (in 3 places the vid of the accident is on my channel) and it takes a ton of force to snap it…the most painful thing i’ve ever had… you cannot even move because of the pain, you go into shock and are on the point of going unconscious.. the only way out for his wife would’ve been on a stretcher…and this guy’s name should b stretcher… stretcher of the truth lol

Ya Ya (edited)
The red shoes again. Always red shoes! Looks like he dropped some red Skittles into his sock. or maybe a couple Red Hots candy. 😋

Tyler Hagen
now we got a 100K reward for proof of Manchester death.

Amaterasu Solar
Yes, I thought it was odd that the “don’t panic” announcer was american.

Ady Nuff (edited)
Aftermath image???
scroll 3/4 way down for ‘possible’ image. Also has a comment made by witness that was trying to leave the arena…she was stopped by security at the exit…seconds later security shouted RUN…and all BEFORE the ‘bomb’ went off!!??
Thank Kearnsey74 for this info.

Kearnsey74 Manchester terror attack. Did security have foreknowledge?


Published on May 26, 2017
Jenny Brewster, Evie’s mother, said: ‘We were exiting the building when it happened. We’d headed towards the main doors as Ariana was performing the last song because we wanted to beat the crowds

But – as we made our way there – a wall of security men blocked it and told us to go the other way.’Seconds later they shouted ‘RUN!’ and the explosion happened right behind them. Hundreds of people were running and screaming. Those men saved our lives.’…

The Heroes Of Manchester Exposed!

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Obama’s CIA Head John Brennan LIED To Trey Gowdy But Regrets It

Americas Humani Generis
Published on May 24, 2017

I was NOT @ CIA Headquarters on the last day I was employed – Oh Wait – I WAS there on the last day after all.

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Theresa May’s Record

Chris Holden
Published on May 26, 2017

Thanks to a Comment @ NLAT for the link.

Plus she locked up Melanie Shaw – a CSA Survivor – in prison for trying to speak out about child abuse & deaths at Beechwood Children’s Home in Nottingham.  This was to protect a senior member of the Tory Party.  Melanie is STILL in jail but has been moved from the notorious Foston Hall due to a sustained campaign by supporters.

Beechwood Child Abuse Survivor Melanie Shaw Arrested Again

by BRIAN GERRISH | Wednesday, 22nd July 2015

AND Theresa May Supports ”The Naylor Report”

Chris Holden

The Naylor Report talks about the cost of getting NHS Assets ready for selling them off which just happens to be 10 Billion Pounds.  NHS Property Services Ltd is a new company the Tories created as a holding company for NHS land and property Assets.  There are 2 people on the Management Team of NHS Property Services Ltd.  One of them is Simon Stevens.

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NLAT: ”At Hebden Bridge Park.”

GW: Getting jealous now. That’s it Gideon. NLAT’s getting a bit big for his boots. We may need to review the invitation list for the summer party but Oh Dear he’s such good company.

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