Tag Archives: Theresa May brought Johnson and Gove back but ignored the architect of the Dodgy Magic Roadshow which won the 2015 Election but was deemed illegal by the Electoral Commission.

The Opinion of the Majority of UK Population is that The Tori Party sucks – The Toris must ”get over it” and stop trying to sack every journalist who happens to agree with this sentiment!

The Independent – Tory MP destroyed by BBC guest over DUP deal Thanks to NLAT for this link. TV newsman Jon Snow slammed by MPs after festival-goer tweets him ‘chanting about Tories’ at Glastonbury https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3899404/tv-newsman-jon-snow-slammed-by-mps-after-festival-goer-tweets-him-chanting-f-the-tories-at-glastonbury/amp/ Mike Harding Here’s Boris being … Continue reading

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