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Morning Star Is Reported To Be Running A Story About Farm Terrace Allotments Watford

24 May 2013 Guess that they have heard about Farm Terrace’s plight down at ‘the collective’.  Viewing the information might prove to be a bit sluggish though what with Google Search ‘not being able to find this paper online’, but … Continue reading

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Tories Apply ‘Revolutionary Chaos’ Theory To Local Communities

Chaos seems a funny model to bring to established local communities.  Why would the Tories want to do this?  I have my thoughts and they revolve around that well-worn Latin phrase ‘ORDO AB CHAO‘  http://www.masonicdictionary.com/ordoabchao.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/dec/18/coalition-local-planning-boles-chaos Eric Pickles has said … Continue reading

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