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There’s Some Blight On Cameron’s Plot It Seems

‘Leading us down the garden path: Cameron wants us to believe the economy is growing but, like a bad gardener, he hasn’t fertilised it, and has allowed it to be overrun with weeds.’ http://mikesivier.wordpress.com/2013/11/28/windbag-cameron-is-afraid-to-give-us-the-facts/ “The week before the autumn statement, … Continue reading

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David Cameron’s Media Speeches From Spaces Devoid Of Live Questioners

It seems that belatedly the big guns at SKY, ITN and BBC have noticed Dave’s tendency to avoid live debate.  That’s odd that they have taken this long to notice.  GovWatch has commented several times on his tendency to use … Continue reading

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Telegraph Wonders What Con MPs In Marginals Are Privately Thinking Right Now

‘Up pops the Prime Minister, in America, to knock back Nadine and declare with a straight face that the Conservative party does not do deals or pacts with other parties.’  Now there’s a surprise.  That PM who dodges PMQs and … Continue reading

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Galloway Brings Up The Fact That Cameron Recently Avoided PMQs 4 Weeks In a Row

And Dennis Skinner asks ‘What happened to that shareholding democracy?’ as well as other matters.  No wonder Cameron avoids PMQs!  Dennis speaks from his soul. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfY6cL-97kA

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Watford COR Newsletter

The original of this disappeared, so here’s a copy. 12 November 2011 Pensions and Benefits Pension and Benefit payments are increased each April in line with inflation.  Previously, the Retail Price Index rate of inflation was used to ensure a … Continue reading

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