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‘Drone Wars’ Coming To A Theatre Near You Very Soon

Oh it’s GovWatch droning on again.  I don’t know.  Can you just shut up for a min GovWatch.  I’m tryin’ to relax. 21st Century Wire explained the background to that recent ‘Philipines Disaster’. ‘House Representative from the Akbayan Partylist, Walden Bello, was very outspoken … Continue reading

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Elite Symbology

21 October 2013 The ptb and their symbology. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/21/australian-firefighters-fires-weather-battle Obama says strikers should be ‘fired’.  http://laborpains.org/2013/10/04/breaking-news-obama-says-all-striking-union-members-should-be-fired/ Comment:  John Pilger battles on behalf of the first Australians.  They too have suffered from raging fires.  Was it intentional to place the link … Continue reading

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Stop the War Coalition Call For Picket At US Embassy Tuesday 3 September 2013

STWC are calling a picket of the US Embassy Grosvenor Square on Tuesday 3 September at 5.30pm to keep up the pressure. It is hoped that the US Left will take up the baton and call the War Mongers over … Continue reading

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Mervyn King On UK Column

Nick Clegg was at G8 but was not included in the ‘family photos’.  Obama commented that Clegg was the ‘better-looking’ half of the Coalition’.  Double speak there again. Sovereign Independent website for more of Mike Robinson’s information about what is … Continue reading

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Conservatives Attack BBC For Bias Towards Labour – What -They’ve Got Chris Patten In BBC Top Job! Barking.

Great Comment from Telegraph Reader about current BBC rant from Cam and Co. ‘The BBC are in the business of ‘managing’ the news to minimise any negative impact on the wealthy establishment elites! Simple really. And whether its pro-Tory or … Continue reading

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More Picture Puzzles

LAVENDER: is the colour of equilibrium, it helps with spiritual healing. It is used as a tranquilliser and it will aid sleep. It is a colour of replenishing and rebuilding. It is like a tonic for the body. Too much … Continue reading

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