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IPNA My Dear?

INJUNCTION TO PREVENT NUISANCE AND ANNOYANCE Why how kind.  Does it come with salad?  No but IPNA can be applied to anything that’s considered, or considered likely or possible to cause an annoyance…on the spot £5000 fine, 2 years prison, … Continue reading

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The Pallavicini Family and the Muslim Brotherhood

Felice Pallavicini at a meeting with the Sanhedrin and the Romans. This Italian family has enjoyed great power and is one of the banking dynasties going back to the Lombard Banking System. Interestingly Knight of Malta Tony Blair converted to … Continue reading

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The Silly Plonka Cock-Up Factory

NLAT eat yer heart out.  You didn’t find this one. While Cameron takes to the stage to ‘entice the children’ in his roll as Silly Plonka, his twin brother Blair tells the other audience of about two old codgers some … Continue reading

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Woolwich Assailant Only ‘Shot In the Foot’? DeMenezes Was Shot 7 Times In the Head!

Issue No 1 – Woolwich is being ‘spun’ as the Assailant who was ‘shot’ is suddenly well enough to go to Court.  If this was a ‘Terrorist Situation’ those ‘in the know’ say he would have been shot dead. Some … Continue reading

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Stop the War Coalition Asks Whether The Machete Killing Was ‘Terrorism’ Or Not

‘In order for an act of violence to be “terrorism”, many argue that it must deliberately target civilians. That’s the most common means used by those who try to distinguish the violence engaged in by western nations from that used … Continue reading

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Controversial Crosby – Did He Say the ‘F’ Word or Didn’t He?

‘Mr Johnson last night said he had  ‘no recollection’ of being present when Mr Crosby made his ‘f****** Muslims’ comment. He said his election chief was ‘the soul of sweetness and kindness’.’ Tories row while every stereotype known to man … Continue reading

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