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Nothing Left To Sell In UK Except Debts – How Bizarre

25 November 2013 ‘Student loans taken out between 1990 and 1998 and worth £890m have been sold to a private company for £160m, the government has confirmed, in a highly controversial decision.’ ‘A company called Erudio Student Loans was named … Continue reading

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Have You Received A Conservative Party Email?

It goes like this … Creating Jobs – Erm but my High Street is decimated.  You’ve sacked loads of NHS staff?  Can you show me a business created under this ConDem Cabal that makes something? Cutting Income Tax – I’m … Continue reading

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Osborne Tries Some Conjuring But His Magic Circle Membership Seems To Have Lapsed

‘George Osborne‘s latest attempt to kickstart the economy by underwriting a house-buying revival has been criticised by economists and campaigners, who warned that the scheme to partially guarantee £130bn of low-deposit mortgages risks creating a new housing bubble. The chancellor … Continue reading

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J P Morgan In Trouble

No wonder Euan Blair was recalled. ‘J P Morgan has lost up to $10 billion as a result of the government asking him to buy teetering Wall Street firm Bear Stearns during the financial crisis.’ http://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2012/10/10/dimon-jp-morgan-lost-10b-on-bear-stearns/#ixzz2CxRn5Qsi ‘Federal authorities are using … Continue reading

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