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Marriage Champion Sir Paul Coleridge Forced To Resign From Judicial Role

Who said he should go?  Oh it was that erm Chris erm that Chris Grayling and erm a Lord Thomas?  Oh we see.  Can’t have judges believing in a Civil Society now can we Chris.  That would mean that our … Continue reading

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Lauryn Hill VRS Beyonce

Part 1 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJesyqD9Dx8 Growing up with creativity – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcGdWd3a0Aw 2013 sent to prison 3 months for Tax Evasion? – with follow-up home-confinement and counseling for her mental health (re: her “conspiracy theory” rants)??? http://www.complex.com/music/2013/05/lauryn-hill-last-performance-before-she-went-to-jail-music-hall-williamsburg-review Her Story – ‘One star … Continue reading

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Tony Armstrong-Jones Led Quite An Extraordinary Life – Then He Married The Queen’s Sister

‘At Eton, he made tiny crystal wireless sets to sell to other boys (radios were forbidden) and an electric toaster to help him in his duties as a fag.’  Oh Dear – that awful word again. He was mentored and … Continue reading

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Tories To the Left Of Me Sleaze To the Right – What’s On In Parliament Then?

Oh still on about ‘Gay Marriage’.  What’s more important: people’s livlihoods or a means for partnership which actually already exists?  Using up time and money on something which is splitting the Conservative Party and taking far too long to achieve.  … Continue reading

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Kelsey Grammer’s Blended Family On Spring Break

26 March 2013 ‘He’s been married four times and suffered plenty of marital strife over the years. But at the age of 58 Kelsey Grammer seems to have finally created the happy family he craves. As he jetted out of … Continue reading

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Conversations Heating Up at NLAT’s Christmas Do

Sunday Morning turns into Sunday afternoon and ‘the flock’ are still round at NLAT’s.  They had just finished savaging Cameron about his ‘families like mine are subsidizing binge drinking’ when the Gay Marriage issue came up.  As the next round … Continue reading

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