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Some Of The ‘Death Dealers’ Involved In Libya and Now Syria

Looks like this Chemical Weapons story is showing us a very deep rabbit hole indeed.  BeforeItsNews has some background including extracts from the ‘hacked emails’ from the UK outfit Britam Defence run by David Goulding and  Phillip Doughty including the … Continue reading

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We’ll Make a Killing Out of the Food Crisis – Glencore Trading Boss, Chris Mahoney

‘Prices offered by grain-handlers such as Richardson and Baar, Switzerland-based Glencore are so far identical, said many farmers’ http://www.gov.sk.ca/adx/aspx/adxGetMedia.aspx?mediaId=1698&PN=Shared The mention of the company Glencore rang some bells from previous research I had done.  Back we go to 2010 and … Continue reading

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