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Luke McKee Australian Refugee and Government-Labelled ‘Terrorist’

Fighting Against Anti Biker Legislation This bloke took exception to being ‘policed’ by those he saw as ‘biased’ against him and mounted a protest.  He received an email while working in China to say his objections were over-ruled and this … Continue reading

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Craig Isherwood Outlines Plans For a Cyprus Style Bail-in of Australian Banks

Australian truther Hereward Fenton asked some pertinent questions in July 2013 about secret ‘dirty Bankster tricks’ which were written up by the G20 Financial Stability Board in 2009.  Mr Fenton talked to Craig Isherwood of the Citizens Electoral Council who … Continue reading

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The Umbrella A Sign Of The Times

‘The song ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna was released in 2007. The song is written by the American singer, songwriter and record producer, Terius Nash, who is also known by his stage name ‘The Dream’. Rihanna later launched a line of umbrellas … Continue reading

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Bounty Hunters Are Out Looking For Tony Blair

Have YOU seen Tony? He’s getting more brazen – like an urban fox perhaps. 9 June 2013 ‘Here he is on the BBC Today programme advocating intervention in Syria, and once again allowed to get away without challenge when stating: … Continue reading

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Jake and Dinos Chapman Are ‘The Artists’ To Sociopaths I Suppose

Not the kind of stuff one would bother paying for.  Not a patch on Grayson Perry but I was caught out discussing ‘art’ with a proper artist the other day.  I said that Tracey Emin’s work left a lot to … Continue reading

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