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Has Cummings Got Some Short-Comings?

Doorbell Chimes Erm …. Good Afternoon ….. ? Mr Dunn.  Come in.  Ah Mr Endersby – Tea?  Professor Hotopf, how wonderful you could make it.  Thank you for that kind note.  Have you met Martin Jones from Hertfordshire?  You have?  Oh.  … Continue reading

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Gove’s Militarisation Of The UK Education System

Trained Killing Machines Soon To Be In Charge Of Classrooms 7 June 2013 ‘Ex members of the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force will be lured into teaching with bursaries, salaries during training and fast track qualification courses. The move … Continue reading

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Press TV Talking ‘Alternative’ With Gordon Duff and Others

Police in Sandy Hook Speaking Slavic Sandy Hook reports by Media inconsistent – very confusing and suspicious. Who was the ‘masked man’ described by the school principal? Mali and Multi National Corps and Low Wages for locals. Gun Control Australia … Continue reading

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