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‘Where Is Kenneth Hoffman?’ Asks UK Column

Hoffman recently wrote in Mining Journal on the Death of a Supercycle ‘As the broad commodities boom comes to an end, miners and investors must return to valuing commodities based on individual supply and demand.’  In other words the fiat … Continue reading

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Jeremy Heywood A Haunted Man

‘David Owen has demanded that Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood be stripped of responsibility for deciding whether key documents can be published by the Iraq Inquiry. The inquiry chairman Sir John Chilcot complained last week that his probe has stalled … Continue reading

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The Pre-Election Pledges That the Tories Are Trying To Wipe From the Internet

“No frontline cuts”, “no top-down NHS reorganisations”, “no VAT rise” – why the Conservatives are trying to erase all pre-May 2010 speeches and press releases from the internet.’ 1. No cuts to front-line services ‘As remarkable as it may seem, David … Continue reading

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Holland’s Joris Demmink And Their New King In Pedophilia Scandal With Links to British Monarch And CIA in Turkey:

No wonder there was an emergency meeting in Downing Street.  Efforts to divert all the emerging scandals are failing.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2334916/Secret-affair-high-profile-figures-casts-shadow-Number-10-David-Cameron.html Is it Kengate because if it is, I’m afraid the vids removed from UTube  by the PTB were downloaded by … Continue reading

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The Jackson Society Is the Latest Of A Long Line Of Think Tanks

UK Column reports that Fabian Society in Gibraltar.  Did we vote for these people?  Tony Blair was previous Chairman? Through the course of the 20th century the group has always been influential in Labour Party circles, with members including Ramsay … Continue reading

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Gordon McMaster Suicide

Mr McMaster left a ‘letter in which he accused two senior Labour colleagues over a whispering campaign against him which may have been a factor in his death.’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/special/politics97/news/08/0803/mcmaster.shtml Stuart Clark Labour Renfrewshire, is mentioned for ‘using council houses that … Continue reading

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24th July 2012 Queen’s Jubliee Lunch with Her ‘Prim’ Ministers

Not going Cherie? Excerpt ‘The present incumbent David Cameron is attending, along with his three predecessors in Number 10 – Gordon Brown (2007-10), Tony Blair (1997-07), and Sir John Major (1990-97). Baroness Thatcher (1979-90) is not attending, and has largely … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit Hole with the Tories

I have been looking into relationships in the Tory Party and have come up with a few interesting connections. Firstly, I wondered why Dave spent so much time in Watford lately. During the election campaign here, no-one thought much of … Continue reading

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