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South Western Railway could be taken into public ownership after losing £139million last year, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says

In a written statement to Parliament today, Mr Shapps slammed SWR reliability He said SWR’s financial performance had been significantly below expectation The Department for Transport requested proposals on ‘contingency measures’ Potential options include issuing a new short-term contract to … Continue reading

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France Puts the Brakes On Military Intervention In Syria

Patrick Henningsen at UK Column 2 September 2013 says that they had been planning the Syria action in advance assuming a YES vote in UK Parliament. Henningsen also says the ‘selling chemicals to Syria story’ might be a media ‘plant’ … Continue reading

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i-Festival In Paimpol Brittany August 2013

‘Sometimes in life, a pleasant surprise awaits you at the street corner. Yesterday at Sea Shanty Festival in Paimpol (Brittany – France), I saw an amazing band. Its name is Blaka Street. The guys are from Rennes (Brittany – France). As … Continue reading

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Hotel Holidays – Veil of Innocence

It’s that time of year when all start dreaming of gravitating to somewhere with a pleasant view, maybe some water sports with the addition of an interesting hang-out for spending lazy evenings with the family supping and gossiping. There are … Continue reading

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Owen Paterson GM and Rothampstead Research Harpenden

Owen Paterson visits Rothampstead Research Harpenden to announce that the UK will be wedded to GM Food production.  Purple tie again! http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2013/jun/20/owen-paterson-uk-global-leaders-gm-crops Owen Paterson just LURVES GM. 20 June 2013 “If we use cultivated land more efficiently, we could free … Continue reading

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Annus Horribiliss 1992 vrs Annus Mirabilis of 1759

The book ‘The Crucible of War’ describes a world war involving Britain, France, Prussia, Austria, Spain, and other European powers.  Getting ready for WWIII? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2343029/Smile-says-hes-mend-Prince-Philip-strides–surgical-stockings.html The Queen certainly stepped up to the ‘dutiful wife’ role during Philip’s recent hospital sojourn.  … Continue reading

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Encore en France Nous Avons L ’insurrection qui vient’

Aaron Lake Smith visits the tiny town of Tarnac, home to France’s most famous alleged enemies of the state. On the morning of November 11, 2008, 150 masked French police descended on the tiny, bucolic French village of Tarnac and … Continue reading

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C17 Erm Won’t Be Taking Off To Help the French After All Due to ‘Technical Difficulties’

Telegraph these days either briefs against the Tories, or lets its Comments section run riot with negative stuff from ‘readers’ or are all the Guardian people on there ramping it up?  Either way, it’s more of an interesting read these … Continue reading

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Osborne Thinks He’s Airey Neave

Oh dear, DM calling Cameron ‘Dismal Dave’ back in April.  By all accounts, this man was a smooth operator and very well connected.  Wiki Neave reports that in WWII he returned to Britain through France, Spain, and Gibraltar and was … Continue reading

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Mirror Finds North Wales Care Home Boss John Allen Working In Hotel

He shouldn’t need to work because as Head of the children’s home, he pulled in good money.  ‘His salary in 1988 was £204,894, equivalent to £470,000 now, and he had a yacht and properties in the Costwolds and France.’  ‘A … Continue reading

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