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‘A Short Step From a Sofa To the Front Bench’ – Trills The Telegraph On Recent Reshuffle

NLAT:  I thought some of you may like to comment on this article.  It says here ‘TV presenters have just the right qualities to be successful politicians’ Oh come off it NLAT – you fancy Esther like mad.  Admit it … Continue reading

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Downing Street Cat Unimpressed With Reshuffle

Oh hullo NLAT.  Had a good day?  Me?  Erm had a word with SkyWatcher about poles and dancing stars.  You?  Oh the Reshuffle.  Was that today?  Esther no longer at Disability?  How so?  What was that Larry? Larry Lamb:  ‘If … Continue reading

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They Have Their Godess of Love And War

In 2004 Madonna said ‘Call me Esther.’  Roll forward now to 2013. http://www.chron.com/entertainment/article/Madonna-claims-the-Hebrew-name-Esther-1516214.php Ishtar – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ishtar ‘The Wormhole of Daarth – ‘I found that Uranus is connected with Daath – the eleventh, or secret sephira of the tree of life, … Continue reading

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Abuse Campaigner Alerted Rantzen To Savile Eighteen Years Ago

Well that ‘Nobody called us’ line that Rantzen is fond of trotting out looks a bit weak suddenly. 13th October 2012 ‘She said: “I had been introduced to Esther through the late sex offender specialist Ray Wyre, as a victim … Continue reading

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