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Michael Gove Has Scaled Back Financial Vetting Of Free School Proposals In Time For Cummings’ New Application

David Laws – the Bankster Cum FibDem MP – ‘X minister in charge of cutting public spending, who quit after it was revealed that he had directed more than £40,000 of taxpayers’ money to his secret gay lover.’ – is … Continue reading

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Clegg Accusing All of ‘Us’ Of Negligence While Ignoring Abuse Himself

Failure of Child Safeguarding Board in Coventry is being covered up.  So Mr Clegg we are all responsible for the failure of you and your ‘faceless suits.’ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2358339/Daniel-Pelka-trial-Malnourished-year-old-boy-abused-putting-shoes-wrong-feet.html See UK Column 2 August 2013 for further info.  Recent Stop and … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg Was a Key Member Of Disgraced Leon Brittan’s Office

‘Part of Letter by Chris Spivey to The Sun – ‘As you no  doubt know, Brittan was later  forced to resign this post  in 1999 amid accusations of large scale fraud. A key member of his office staff back then … Continue reading

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