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Applied Behavioural Psychology Experiments Being Run On UK Population Olivier Oullier

UK Column 9 December 2013 – http://www.ukcolumn.org/live UK population being used as LabRats for various BPE experiments where re-framed thinking is being tested.  This has already led to an incident where a ‘re-framed’ police officer tasered a 15-year-old special needs … Continue reading

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‘The War Of the Tories’ Coming To A Cinema Near You

Thanks to NLAT for the link.  Toryland erm SwiveleyeStation is in a desperate state.  Their Commander is hemorrhaging.  His moralising noiseator has angered the WarLords.  Anything could happen in the next five mins. This gripping yarn is brought to us … Continue reading

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Richard Harrington Fails To Meet Target of ‘Three Day Response Time’

This is the Target set for administrative staff in most organisations these days so I guess Richard that’s the standards we expect from you as well.  Remember your party brays constantly about the ‘work ethic’ and how UK population doesn’t … Continue reading

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