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Jill Dudley Debutante Proved Women Are Capable Of Terrible Things Also

Jill Dudley’s photos tell a deceptive story. A former debutante and distant relative of post-war British prime minister Clement Attlee, she appears the epitome of a contented Sixties upper middle-class housewife and mother.  She married John Lewis a salesman who … Continue reading

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The Jackson Society Is the Latest Of A Long Line Of Think Tanks

UK Column reports that Fabian Society in Gibraltar.  Did we vote for these people?  Tony Blair was previous Chairman? Through the course of the 20th century the group has always been influential in Labour Party circles, with members including Ramsay … Continue reading

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Zerk Scritchhh Ewower Crackle ‘Come In Tony Can You Read Me?’

The right will deny it but Thatcherism’s day is done.  Cameo with Candles – AwGee Wiz. http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2013/04/right-will-deny-it-thatcherism%E2%80%99s-day-done Not sure I like the photo as lights behind head is another Elite power trip saying their own are ‘chosen’ and more ‘switched … Continue reading

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