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Mind That Gap 7/7 9/11 Abu Qatada And All That Jazz

Blair Blah Blah and other matters ‘It is now clear that false flag operations are part of a strategy of tension designed to instill fear in the civilian population and create unprovoked hatred towards minority groups.’ http://newmediadocumentaries.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/77-mind-gap.html ‘Abu Qatada (exposed … Continue reading

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Cameron Fed-up With Abu Qatada?

Abu Qatada and MI5 ‘Mr. Cameron would like the British people to believe he is disgusted with the misdeeds of Mr. Qatada. Cameron, however, is leaving out the part about Qatada’s service to British intelligence.’ http://www.historycommons.org/searchResults.jsp?searchtext=Abu+Qatada++&events=on&entities=on&articles=on&topics=on&timelines=on&projects=on&titles=on&descriptions=on&dosearch=on&search=Go http://dprogram.net/2012/11/14/david-cameron-outraged-by-release-from-prison-of-mi5-asset-abu-qatada/

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