UK Column News 5 June 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News.

  • MR: Boris Johnson hosted Global Vaccine Summit 2020 & the interesting thing to note Patrick was that everyone was reading off a ”Script” the whole time so they obviously had prior knowledge of even any questions that would be asked.
  • GW: Very wooden but I guess [[[they]]] have not been under such direct scrutiny before. Normally the MSN would edit it down to some ”highlights”& that would allow more wriggle room for [[[them]]] to be a bit more ”off the cuff”.  Maybe this new way of working is not to everyone’s liking?  Gone are all the after meeting ”jollies” as well.
  • MR: They raised $7.3 Billion for GAVI.
  • PH: It’s a form of Corporate Welfare Mike – 1st world tax payers funding Big Pharma to deliver so called products to the 3rd world.
  • PH: That every child is at risk from COVID 19 is a fraudulent statement from Bill Gates.  Why are politicians not challenging Gates on this?  Who wrote the script?
  • PH: And business is pushing back Mike.
  • British Airways ‘spurns Priti Patel call’ amid row over 14-day coronavirus quarantine plans
  • PH: I have seen the term ”Immunity Bridges’‘ mentioned somewhere Mike.
  • Face coverings will become mandatory on all public transport in England from 15-June 2020, Grant Shapps announces
  • GW: So saith Mr Michael Green?????  This is getting the General Sheep/Asleep/lic used to the Islamification of the whole population.
  • MR: Well Patrick – What about Hypercapnia?

  • MR: Bearing in mind what we have heard about Mental Health over the last few years Pat, some of the more extreme features of Hypercapnia – feelings of paranoia, anxiety etc.  We now force people into masks?????
  • PH: This is an attack on people’s psychological and physical health Mike.  Why is this coming Mike after the virus has passed?
  • Senior Tories Demand Reduction In 2 Metre Rule
  • Is there any science behind two-metre social distancing rule…? Government adviser says guidelines on keeping apart was ‘conjured out of nowhere’
  • PH: This was Robert Dingwall who said that.  ”There is some merit of 1M inside in a rigorous experimental area.”
  • MR: There has been no examination of the recycling of air such as in a Supermarket of on an Aircraft.  No Science at all it seems.
  • PH: Looking at the graphs Mike, the virus peaked a few months ago now so why are these measures being brought in so late in the day?
  • PH: Furthermore Mike a Viewer has sent me pictures of these images that have appeared all over Plymouth in the last 2 weeks.  On etc pavement is sprayed ”COVID19 Keep Apart” & then we also have these stickers ”Social Distance – 2 Metres”
  • GW: First thing I would say about the stickers is ”White Rabbits” !  Spooksville Central.
  • PH: Here we are in June Mike – Why are [[[they]]] rolling all this social engineering gear out now?  What about this one?  “No Waiting.  Keep Moving.”
  • GW: Orders are being barked at the General Sheep/Asleep/lic.
  • MR: The retailers are killing themselves Patrick.  Primark said they have UKPDS 2 Billion worth of stock?  How are they going to get the footfall to shift it?
  • PH: We see by the recent protests Mike that the Public are not really buying the CV Crisis Story anymore.
  • GW: Now talking about the amount of George Floyd Graffiti that has suddenly sprung up everywhere.  Where did [[[they]]] suddenly find all those artists???  All with have the appropriate materials when paint was one of the items banned from sale to folk who wanted to paint their houses?????
  • MR: Well Journalists generally have been ”getting it in the neck’‘ from the demonstrators & ”F&&& the Daily Mail” was heard being shouted.
  • GW:  Well Well.
  • London police take the knee with Black Lives Matter protesters
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