TAP: Coronavirus: Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA?

Thu  4 Jun 2020
posted by Weaver

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I have shown in other videos how we have been lied to, tricked, manipulated and brainwashed.

  • I think I’ve had the coronavirus and if I have to have an antibody test I expect that the Government will also take my DNA.
  • And I expect them to store it.
  • Along with your DNA.
  • And everyone else’s DNA.
  • The next big question is what will they do with it?
  • And this, again, is a question of trust.
  • Do we trust them to store our DNA so that they might be able to use it to help us one day?
  • Sadly, if we believe that then we are well into tooth fairy territory.
  • I think governments everywhere will take our DNA and store it.
  • And I think they will sell it.
  • Governments at all levels have a track record. They sell every bit of information they can collect.
  • They’ve been selling information about voters for decades.
  • They sell census information.
  • They demand private and confidential information.
  • And then they flog it to anyone prepared to pay the right price.

In the UK, the NHS has been collecting information about us all for years. To begin with they promised they wouldn’t sell the information. They actually gave us an option. If we didn’t want them to sell our private medical information to drug companies then we could say so. And they wouldn’t.

Well, that’s what they said.

But I think they sold it anyway.

Look on the NHS website and you will see that they say that the NHS collects confidential patient information from all NHS organisations and all private organisations providing NHS funded care.

They then flog this information to researchers, to the medical establishment and, wait for it because this is the good bit, to drug companies.

  • They say that the drug companies won’t use it for marketing or insurance purposes.
  • They presumably know that because the companies they sell it to tell them they won’t.
  • There is still a get out clause if you don’t want them to sell your information but its got more holes in it than a colander.
  • The same is true everywhere.
  • Private medical information is sold to anyone prepared to buy it.
  • And this brings us back to your DNA.
  • I don’t think they will be able to resist storing our DNA when they do antibody tests.
  • And they will sell it.
  • Of course they will. They’ll say that since they took the sample then they own your DNA. And they’ll flog it to drug companies, insurance companies and anyone else who wants to buy it.
  • Governments have already created biobanks with genetic material they took from screening tests. And now governments everywhere need huge amounts of money to pay for the coronavirus mess they have made of the world.
  • Does all this matter?
  • Well, I rather think it does.

Drug and insurance companies will know everything about your body. And they will be able to mix and match that with the information they buy from search engines, your bank, the supermarkets and everyone else. The last vestige of your privacy will be gone.

And they will use the information ruthlessly.

As an aside, let me just tell you that since my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer both she and I have been bombarded with utterly unnecessary and inappropriate online advertisements for funeral services, cancer charities and other goodies. I don’t know who sold our information but it doesn’t really matter where they got it, does it? To say that I find it intrusive is to be considerably politer than I feel.

I strongly suspect that we will have no rights over our DNA.

They will, of course, pass our DNA details onto all police and security services.

We can all trust them, can’t we?

  • Drug companies will use your DNA to predict what diseases you might develop. And they will want to sell you useful drugs to stop you getting whatever it is they know you’re going to get wrong with you.
  • Insurance companies will use your DNA to predict your future. You will, perhaps, find that your premiums suddenly soar because your insurance company knows something about your future.
  • Employers will doubtless see your DNA details and be unwilling to hire you if they see something in your future that doesn’t appeal.

How many job candidates will find themselves being refused time and time again because prospective employers see that they are likely to develop Parkinson’s disease or dementia or drug addiction.

Your DNA information will be used in conjunction with your credit card and bank information too, of course. And that will be so much easier when they get rid of nasty, grubby cash.

And they will mix it with all the information you’ve put on social media and which you cannot erase however hard you try. Anything you ever put on Facebook, for example, belongs to Facebook. Permanently, as in for ever.

So, you will be standing at the check out at the supermarket and the assistant will take the chocolate bar out of your shopping.

`What’s the matter with that?’ you will ask, puzzled.

`The system says you can’t have that,’ the assistant will say. She will look at the screen in front of her. `You’re going to get diabetes so you aren’t allowed to buy chocolate.’

When you apply for a driving licence they will tell you that you can’t have one.

`Why not?’ you will ask.

`Because there is an 82% chance that you are going to develop epilepsy next year,’ they will tell you.

You will have no rights over your private information. Companies everywhere will be able to buy it and hackers will be able to steal it.


The woman in charge of Britain’s track and trace system was in charge of a phone company called TalkTalk when hackers stole the personal information of 157,000 people. The company was fined massively for not looking after the information properly. Now she is in charge of the tracking and tracing system and the collection of vast amounts of personal information.

What can we do about it?

Well, until they make it compulsory I don’t think I’ll bother having an antibody test done thank you very much.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 1st June 2020

Coronavirus: Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA?

GW: Absolutely no doubt the man is correct on this issue.  [[[They]]] won’t be able to help [[[themselves]]] because [[[they]]] are such total Kontrol Freaks.  Patience is wearing very thin in our quarter as someone else remarked yesterday.

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