#JusticeForEllie From Barrow

Sanity For Sweden – 28 May 2020

An open letter to the Independent Office for Police Conduct & the National Crime Agency https://www.change.org/p/independent-office-for-police-conduct-the-national-crime-agency-an-open-letter-to-the-independent-office-for-police-conduct-the-national-crime-agency

gary jackson
My country is a disgrace I am ashamed to be English.. Islam is a curse

zoluss margita

Dennis Durkop
Thank Lawrence of Arabia!

Lee Foster
Me too the government are disgustin

m j
Let’s hope someone hunts them down. like in the Movies – TAKEN .👍

Eller Ellerek
@m j unfortunately we don’t live in a movie or maybe we do, a horror movie without happy end

Wendy Elsey
I am surprised you haven’t had your comment deleted gary jackson for mentioning the religion of peace. I agree by the way with your comment. We need a strong government to change the way we are the second citizens since they invaded.

chris topher
Our politicians (including the police) R the disgrace – NOT our country.

Jesse LeBlanc
I wouldn’t be surprised if Canada is heading in this direction, our media is bought and paid …and our criminal RCMP does nothing . ..btw in 2019 federal canadian government reported 50 000 kids missing .. roughly 1400 a day

John Riggs
Why are you ashamed to be English? The people who are doing this aren’t; many of those who are tasked with upholding the law aren’t, and the rest don’t deserve to be called English.

chris topher
@Jesse LeBlanc Canada is ahead of the UK in this regard.

Windsor & Epstein Babysitting Services
England isn’t the problem. It’s the British and their hate for the English and English constitution.

@John Riggs Well said .

mike baretta
And the police and social services are still not doing anything for fear of upsetting PACKISTANY MUSLIMS.

GW: It isn’t just one group – There are politicians in Westmonster & many from ”The Tribe” who are/were nasty abusers.  Rumour has it that Johnson is or was one of [[[them]]] and don’t forget Epstein Island with those Sulphur Crested Cockatoo sculptures – courtesy of a previous Australian PM – who is extremely pally with the Clintons.  Not forgetting Ghislaine Maxwell & her submariner’s licence.  The beat goes on. Yea the beat goes on & on & on!

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