Kill Gates lambasted on LinkedIn

Lifting the Lid – 4 May 2020

GW: Gates has a voice that is so weak & manless – Is he an F2M & married to a man pretending to be a woman?  Melinda wears the balls in that relationship I’d wager. #BillyGoatGatesIsAMaam!

Julz B
That’s a really great point someone made about ol’ Billy Boy first saying we need to bring the world population down (using vaccines), and now he’s trying to “save lives” with one. Curious. 🤔

Bill Gates, the weasel. Should throw him in a volcano.

Ela Nieweglowski
People are waking up! Gates the Evil👹

don seymour
bill’s dad would be proud, chip off the old block. Eugenics seems to be the family hobby…

Kelly Sue
It’s in his Rockefeller bloodline…

don seymour
@Kelly Sue Thank You that was a good one. 👍

Zal Moxis
Mark of the Beast Chip off the old where Don??

“The [manipulation] is going very well. And a so-called virus also only serves profitable purposes. That is also obvious. What does a virus do? Nothing. Of course, nothing can do nothing. That’s the paradox. But it is propagated, and people believe it, if everyone talks, if it comes from all sides, the governments, well, they are so independent. The government, by the way, is dependent on the UN and indirectly on the WHO (World Health Organization), which is the child of the UN. So all member states that are in the UN are forced to adopt all decisions. The WHO, the World Health Organization, is above the law. It can decide whatever it wants and cannot be prosecuted. [We know that from the ESM contract. Note] It may be responsible for millions of deaths and cannot be prosecuted. You have to imagine this. So, and when the WHO says to all UN member states, ‘You have to accept this and you have to do these things and you have to believe that a virus is there because it tells you – we cannot show it because we do it can’t find, but we’ll tell you – do all these things and break your own industries. Not the big ones, of course, but the small ones, the medium-sized ones, all these companies break down. ‘ And everyone lets it happen. It is unimaginable. So we can no longer understand it. Why does it all happen, why these restrictions? Why these crazy masks that make no sense at all? If a virus were to exist – according to the teaching, it has only a size of a few atoms – that would go through these meshes like through a huge gate or even bigger if you put it in relation. So it makes no sense at all. But why is it done? To create fear. Fear is a perfect manipulator. You can achieve a lot with fear. ” – Prof.h.c. Dr. Mult. J. Menser “Immunologist – There are no viruses!” –

And who is the largest donor to the NGO WHO and makes billions with this private association? Bill “Kill” Gates, our beloved health Führer and philanthropist. Meanwhile, they want to kill us openly: and

william babin
Bill Gates stole the Dos operating system from another guy and sold it to IBM so he started out as a thief and a liar

Franky Uk
“Prof Chris Whitty warned that ‘COVID 19 is a very long way from finished and eradication is technically impossible for this disease’ which could batter us again in the colder months.”. Well, slap me with a wet kipper. What a surprise! Come the next flu season, 2020/21, don’t be surprised if Whitty announces that a second, more deadly wave of COVID 19 is on its way and the government must therefore immediately implement lockdown and social distancing again, (because his ‘worse case scenario’ computer model indicates that a million Britons will die of COVID 20.). Ah, but please don’t despair citizens. This time you will be offered a solution. A solution that will free you forever from future government lockdowns. The blessed miracle that is Bill Gates (of hell) vaccination and microchip programme. Hallelujah! If you and your entire family agree to be vaccinated and have a microchip implanted under the skin, you will no longer be kept in lockdown. If you refuse, you will be restricted to your home until you change your mind. If you leave your home for any reason, the police will scan you to prove you have been vaccinated or not. If not, you will be arrested and given the option of going to an ISO prison or agreeing to the vaccination and microchip implant. Your choice, buster! Far fetched? We’ll see…

Kelly Sue
Billie calls her plan to kill the world with poisoned vaccines “The Final Solution.” It’s so ridiculous how anyone can believe they are “here to help”

Ron Armstrong
Bill Gates is Jim Jones on a global scale.

Fire Rabbit
Dude owns Linked In – he’s going to delete all these jokers’ profiles

Cheeky FE Kerry
Gstes and his wife and children should be the first to try out the vaccine, as well as be dosed with all the others he pushed on people in the developing world.

The Imperialist
Good to see that people are waking up at least to Bill Gates’ satanic agenda. We need to rise up against him and his elitist buddies who want to control us.

Ninja Man
This is so good, I have played it twice,no joke

Kelly Sue

Morty Fied
That’s where we need to be, on their pages calling them out. Shut them down at the source of the propaganda, CNN all the deceivers.

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