Ridiculous BRUSSELS Struggling / BERNIE SANDERS Dropping Out – Why so soon?

Sanity 4 Sweden
9 April 2020

  • Bernie Sanders is dropping out – Why so soon?  that just leaves an old white guy called Biden who is supposed to be a Liberal but in fact is the same as a Socialist.
  • Trump is so different and he is a character who listens to people & that’s so different from normal politicians.  Elect him again & then find someone who is as good as him to replace him.
  • GW: Yes I agree having listened all the way through a press conference for the first time recently.
  • 8 April 2020 RT: Head of EU’s top science body Professor Mauro Ferrari quits after Covid-19 response plans get bogged down by Brussels bureaucracy
  • EU Finance Ministers had a meeting for 6 hours & came up withNOTHING & a Video Conference for 16 hours & still came up with NOTHING.
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