Tptwtb don’t like it ”up em” do [[[they]]] – The AM investigators have provided good evidence about just how busy hospitals really are all over the Western World & then this article comes out in F/L/MSM – Coinkidink??

Here’s what one of ”ours” says about this story.

Rochelle Freeland @RochelleFreela1
Replying to @99freemind
Just a plant to question the film #filmmyhospital movement. Keep doing it because it is having an impacts. Take the video or picture with the local newspaper showing the Date. We are smarter people. We just need to keep fighting with truth!

John Pilger @johnpilger
Parliaments, courts, tribunals are suspended, government is by decree. The police determine whether our presence in a street, a park, is legitimate. The media ensures a state of fear. Surveillance is routine. Protest, if any, is virtual. How does history describe such a society?

AM investigators from Nottingham out & about looking at what is REALLY going on.
… Is it all being faked?

29 March 2020

No wonder tptwtb are p!ssed off.

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