Can anyone tell me why these two Britain Haters want to live in GB?

GW: They are just like the ”whinging poms” we listened to in the 1960s.
Aussie Joke: How can you tell when a plane load of Brits has arrived? They’re still whinging when the jets stop.

A.M.Wright @thewrighteous2
Replying to @Josephorion2
Does that make these two “black Inferiorists” in their own words?

Josephorion @Josephorion2
so many people of BAME are resentful, even without reason, its because people like these tell their own they are inferior and will go nowhere, and blame the white, indigenous for it. Its just blatant racism. And they get away with it. Imagine a white commentator saying the same!!

paul @whatttheff
Replying to @Josephorion2
When Britainn is as low as it can go, a cesspit awash with the shit of the human race, when any hint of decency has long left these shores when being British has no meaning, these people will have achieved their goals. This is their world vision.

HeyJude @jude561610
Replying to @Josephorion2 and @FKGPML
I’m all for compiling a little list.….as soon as the madness is over….send them all on their merry way out of here. We need people who will help us all rebuild this great country…not systematically rip it apart.

Richard Suart’s 2019 Little List for ENO’s The Mikado

Gregster @greg_curious
Replying to @Josephorion2
They’d enjoy North Korea. Their ideology has ruled the poor starving citizens for decades now…

Rob Sheppard @photonspectra1
Replying to @Josephorion2 and @MikeClarkeSnr
Clean up in aisle 2 is coming.

Roger Herbert @RogerHerbert14
Replying to @Josephorion2
They have a chip on each shoulder


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