UK Column News 25 March 2020

  • Deadly Medicines & Organised Crime: Corona: an epidemic of mass panic
  • MR: Italian CV Stats are very comprehensive & it should be said that people have died ”with” CV & not ”of” CV.  GoTo EuroMOMO for further details.
  • GW:  Interesting that a former Hedge Fund operative – suspect IT oriented – has taken to analysing CV Stats with such gusto.  Go Robinson.  Let’s do this!
  • BG thought that finding out how many NHS Staff have had CV-19 would be a simple matter.  Apparantly not.  The answer from Public Health England – don’t know.
  • BG: GoTo http://www.go.documentsCOVID-19 Guidelines for Infection & control in healthcare settings.
  • BG: NHS Staff in the from line saying they don’t have protective equipment.
  • BG: An aircraft carrier sighted off Sidmouth has troops on board.
  • BG: High level Met Police Officer has said that London is being put in a dangerous situation with extremely low levels of policing at the moment.
  • BG: The sight of long queues of people in the wind 2 metres apart is quite dystopian really considering what we have just reported.
  • Universal Credit not working very well for all the newly unemployed.
  • BG: A National Emergencies Trust was set up in April 2019.  Was someone anticipating CV-19?
  • GW: Totally agree.  The local supermarket here in Watford had people in a long line around the car park all day yesterday.  I checked on my way down to the Allotments & when I returned.  I left the Allotment early due to the biting wind.  I thought how bizarre to have people still standing unnecessarily out in the wind when they could go into the supermarket, process their needs & go home.  They were all in the fresh air so why 2 metres apart?  CV not working well enough?   Inside the supermarket everyone is at close proximity anyway.  This morning someone with a loud hailer was shouting at someone somewhere.  Things are getting rather George Orwell here in Watford folks.
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