Why coronavirus could cause a massive shortage of Coke Zero and Diet Coke

  • Artificial sweeteners from China could be in short supply if coronavirus spreads
  • Coke’s supply of sugar substitutes for sugar free drinks has been delayed
  • The company said Splenda is a ‘critical raw material’ exported from China
  • A statement said the safety and health of the company’s associates is a priority
  • Australia’s supply chain is not expected to be affected


Richard, Deep England, United Kingdom,
If only businesses had taken President Trump’s advice and brought manufacturing home, they’d be insulated from this crisis. Those businesses in the US that did will be the ones that survive.

Countryliving2020, UK, United Kingdom,
Good a silver lining!

Caver237, Llanrwst, United Kingdom,
No loss there then.

Sammyjo1, south west, United Kingdom,
that’s one positive then

Kat, Dorchester, United Kingdom,
Oh no, however will we live…? Insert rolling eyes

Flip, Manchester, United Kingdom,
That’s a good thing it’s pure poison

blightty, About Town, United Kingdom,
That’s the first positive thing I have heard about this virus

LOCKATRON, Southampton, United Kingdom,
Devil’s juice…..

nikolayesla, Pilling, United Kingdom,
Oh.. No…. people may have to drink water!

GW: Never drink the stuff.  Stick to apple juice from Apple Cottage Hertfordshire – Like drinking good wine & is naturally sweet.

Carl Jones, London, United Kingdom,
If everyone stopped drinking Coka Cola, the banks would go bust. The are already bust, but they can legally hide it. The massive profits from flavoured water is recirculated through businesses and banks, if this cash dried up, they would be stuffed.

bob_001, Leeds, United Kingdom,
If you become totally dependent on a single country for producing stuff then you will be vulnerable to any shocks that occur there. This is a relatively minor illness (compared to 400,000 a year world deaths from malaria, for example). Imagine what would happen to production if civil unrest broke out in mainland China similar to that in Hong Kong.

SigridStorraade, London, United Kingdom,
Aspertame is proven to cause stomach cancer and is banned in many countries, but alas not in the UK.

Chris, Cheltenham,
Excellent. That’ll be a load off the NHS cancer wards, then. Now time to ditch May’s virtue-signalling sugar tax.

The voice of reason, Worcester, United Kingdom,
An enforced experiment n the effects of artificial sweetenerscould be very interesting. There is also the possibility that people will star to prefer the unadulterated taste of food.

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