Getting to grips with MAP/SSP & MMS

50 Ways To Leave Your Virus – Video Link
ahava528 – 17 February 2020

Galaxy’s Recorded
So the Wuhan situation sounds like a mass experiment for social engineering like the plot to Captain America Civil War! Where the people with low social credit scores were targeted for termination! Good Show!

Gil Doron
One more thing Shai, The microbial world with its very rapid generation time, can readily react to environmental pressures and adapt genetically rapidly because the microbes live in many environmental niches that require some adaptability and some tolerance for harsh conditions as well. So the ability to launch defensive measures, including some modification of gene expression to counteract a negative stimulus of some kind, is an aspect of their makeup. This is what has been enhanced through time by the dark ETs alliance to take organisms that are invasive, and have this capability already, and to greatly enhance their virulence, and also to make modifications to impart antibiotic resistance in response to human efforts to devise effective treatment strategies. This is a kind of game they play so they can watch humans take one step forward and then two steps back as the rug is pulled out from under them by the Extraterrestrial Alliance.

Gil Doron
The reptilians have under their control 1,500,000 highly trained human soldiers / assassins. Those are called the MAP (mercenary army program) who are employed for clandestine operations around the world. One of their current mission is to spread the c-virus around the globe. We hear in the news all kind of speculations, theories and claims how the corona virus pandemic is exploding across Asia and even reaching parts of the Middle East, etc. Those for the most part are cover stories and a distraction as the true source of the c-virus spreading around the world are the MAP. The best you can do now is to pray for yourself and for your loved ones to remain safe and protected from the virus infection.

Half-Life Wife
This discontinuity of conversation and shift in the moment has happened to me for 28 years. This is because of my involvement with Q and Cosmic security whistleblowers. Back in the early 90’s the scientists who were persecuted by the Contractor’s black ops people outed the technology. As a journalist I could tell you stories–and we have this problem here where people will “go to sleep” in the middle of a conversation, like narcolepsy. These people can watch Netflix for five hours totally awake, as a theoretical example. Could be anything they are “interested in. But if you ask them what they are watching, they really can’t readily explain or even name the title. If you try to talk about anything serious–instantly asleep. Like I said–I’ve been observing this for as long as I said probably because I come from “the tribe that thinks too much.” (Closetland) I don’t mean Jewish necessarily, but part of the “resistant” humanity. This vid is a comfort. I have all of the symptoms Harold has–every one. And not just I but family members and some friends. You can’t tell most people what’s happening to them though, of course. But I note it. I get zapped all the time–have since my time working for the whistleblowers on their lawsuit against the Hanford nuclear plant in E. WA in USA starting on August 9, 1991. Not only that, the whistleblowers described exactly this–the triggering of disease through frequency, which you guys mention at the one hour 12 minute mark. At the time I listened to them, but wondered if the constant harassment was getting to them. It sounded so far-fetched. Enter chemtrails in the summer of 1999. It all started falling into place after that and there is not a day goes by I don’t think of those wise scientists who shared with me, hoping this journalist would do something with it at some time. But I then suffered so much harassment that I could do nothing about it, but was in to the fight of my life for my life. Nosebleeds–yeah. Ongoing issue. Smoke triggers nosebleeds too, since Fukushima. There is lots of radiation on the trees and vegetation which gets resuspended when people burn their debris or make campfires. Keep in mind Fukushima is still going on. That figures into all of this you know. Pay attention to the stories NEVER covered.

Alun Owens
What is MMS & the other thing mentioned colloidal silver? Links?



Marie Winqvist
5G gives you nosebleeds. Several people in the same neighbourhood can wake up at night with nosebleeds after 5G antennas have been installed outside their homes. Wuhan was first in China to roll out 5G. So the people in Wuhan also have their immunesystems severely compromised. Perfect conditions if they deliberately want to “roll out” a man made virus.

Doram Passyo
Wuhan was one of many cities.

China to start testing 5G in 16 major cities

The elephant in the room is the Chinese have taken on Western medicine and have been Vaccinating diseases plus poisonous adjutants and foreign DNA into their bodies. The levels of disease will have risen over time they even now have autism which they have never had before. The thing is the CCP have made the shots mandatory. Their immune systems are shot to pieces from injecting multiple amounts of various chemicals, DNA, bovine, chicken, human fetal cells, plant you name it in a persons system is a no go and then all the chemicals in their environments. The only way to get rid of this all is to look at the works of Aajonus Vonderplanitz with an open mind, look at how he cured his problems and many others listed for death by the system.

People lived without vaccines before the 1800’s and survived, they lived tougher lives as well. What Harald has said to use it best for those who want to continue with their current diets.

Gil Doron
Shai, I just listened the first 10 minutes of this interview and would like to point out some important observations. Throughout history, there have been a number of pandemics, such as smallpox and tuberculosis. One of the most devastating pandemics was the Black Death, which killed an estimated 75 – 200 million people in the 14th century. Some recent pandemics include: Spanish flu between 1918 to 1920 which killed over 100,000,000 people, HIV the 2009 flu pandemic and H1N1. Harald Kautz stated that pandemics occur if “people are too many” yea right. After the end of the first world war in 1918 which caused many millions of deaths, it wasn’t enough according to his logic and over 100,000,000 needed to die from the Spanish fly between 1918 to 1920 to bring human population to a “healthy number”

All pathogens without exception were brought to our planet by the dark ETs alliance. This is a sport and entertainment for them to watch people agonizing in pain, suffer, and die. They program humanity through mind control and manipulation to expect each year for the annual flu season. Can you appreciate now how easy is to mind control humans? There is nothing normal about it but yet the entire population take it for granted without raising an eye brow or question it. The best thing you can do to not be infected by the corona virus is to do daily prayers for yourself and for your loved ones. Harald Kautz’s statement that you don’t die from the flu but you die from over population is a disinformation and a sad result of implanted false beliefs in his deep subconscious mind by an Anunaki psyche. All human depopulations throughout history were done by the dark ETs alliance and there is nothing natural about it. Source Creator doesn’t do this to his beloved creation. Nor mother nature is doing it. It is high time to shift our focus to the dark ETs alliance and learn about them and how they fit in the big puzzle of our world as the true source of evil.

Gil Doron
The MAP is commonly called the SSP “secret space program” but Creator called it MAP since that is what they are in reality a mercenary army program designed to kill humans with no second thought; like robots with no consciousness.



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