The NWO Endgame?

Freemasonry companion to Jewish US Senators 2016,

Pharaoh hieroglyphs and stone carvings show the Nephilim with elongated heads, since driven under or bred-out into more uniform shape, but like the Neanderthals, still significantly different from Cro-Magnon shaped skulls in the Aryan population originating from the Sumerian race, created by Anunnaki god Anu (Yahweh).

Cro-Magnon (left) Neanderthal (right)

In “freeing mankind” under a NWO endgame, all Aryan Masons are simply dupes who do not understand that it is a total Aryan kill, i.e. the New World Order is (and always has been) turning away from Anu and his conservative Sumerian race of ‘Aryan conservatives’ in order to free mankind from its ‘slave bondage’ old world order.

Further, because of previous purebred Aryans like Noah (of the Ark), the elite are seeking a total Aryan genocide to keep Anu from rebuilding the Aryan race after ‘the flood.’

Moreover, why this time round all Aryans must be killed, otherwise the great nemesis Nibiru will simply pole-shift earth again as it does every 3,600 years, flooding out humanity right before Anu rebuilds his favored Aryan conservative race using the best found purebred surviving Aryan genetics from the flood – an historic pattern Jews are attempting to stop from being repeated, by exterminating all Aryans before Nibiru’s fast approaching return – using WWIII.

The source for this information is John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry.
Masonic US Senators 2016

GW: Goodness me.  I was down this Rabbit Hole this morning & guess what?  I met another rabbit down there digging away as well.  Would you credit it?

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